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Winter Plan





The purpose of this plan is to keep the University safe and operational in snow and ice conditions and to inform Faculty, Staff, and Students what areas will be treated first.


The goal is to have campus ready by 7:00 a.m.; however, the severity of any particular storm event will vary and often will allow us to do minimal clearing until the storm is over.


This is a list for the campus community, as to which parking lots to utilize and which lots will be connected to specific walkways and entryways for the first few hours of our response to any significant winter storm event.


After 1st priority areas are addressed, the remaining areas of campus will be addressed.


The areas listed below are divided among the crews, and reflect the areas that will be cleared.


The areas in bold represent the walks and entryways that are treated as 1st priority.


Location                                                Areas to be cleared


**PPS                                                     E, W & S entrances and steps

Quintard Hall                                        NW & SW entrances, steps

Gorgas Hall                                          NE & SE entrances

Cravens Hall                                        NW entry, steps

Hamilton Annex                                   NE & SE entrances, ramps, steps

Chapel of the Apostles                       SW entry

Hamilton Hall                                       NW and then E entry, steps, ramp

Tennessee Williams Center              E entry

Tuckaway Hall                                     E entry

Elliott Hall                                              N entry

Hunter Hall                                           NW entry and steps

Richardson House                              W entry and steps

Van Ness                                              W entry

McCrady Hall and bridge                   E entry

Gailor Hall                                             S & N entrances, steps, and ramp


**Chen Hall                                          E entry, steps & sidewalk to Univ. Ave.

Thompson Union                                W entry

Theater & Lower Thompson             N entrances, sidewalks, and steps

Fulford Hall                                           E & SW entry, ramp

Cannon Hall                                         S entry, steps, and narrowed points along walkway near lease

Hodgson Hall                                       SW & NE entrances and steps

Phillips Hall                                          SE entry

Emery Hall                                            NW & SE entrances

University Housing Bldgs.                 SW entries

Rebel’s Rest                                         E entry, ramp, and steps as indicated

Johnson Hall                                        E entry, sidewalk, and steps

Sorority House #4 (PKE)                    S & E entrances, steps, and sidewalk

Career Services                                   E entry and steps as indicated



**Fowler Center                                  E entrances, ramp, and steps

**Hospital and Health office           Main doors, ramps, ambulance & employee entry

French House                                      W entry and steps

Sorority House #1 (Wheat)                S entry and sidewalk

German House                                    SE entry and steps as indicated

Sewanee Inn                                        All connecting sidewalks *only if rooms are occupied

Hospitality Shop                                  N entry (Tuesday / Thursdays’ only)

Ayers Multicultural Center                 NE entry, steps, ramp

Cleveland Hall                                     E entry

Bookstore Area                                    W entrances, steps & steps into Elliott Park

Telecom                                                Main door


**Just For Kids                                   NE entry and steps

Trezevant Hall                                      SE entry, steps & ramp

Courts Hall                                            SW entry & along walk near bike shelter

Humphreys Hall                                  SW entry & steps

Wiggins Hall                                         NE & NW entrances

Stirling’s Coffee House                      S entry and ramp

Nabit Art Building                                NW doors

Guerry Auditorium                               N entry and steps

Convocation Hall                                 W entry

Walsh-Ellett Hall                                  W entrances & all breezeways upper / lower

Carnegie / Cleveland Annex             W entrances and steps

All Saints Chapel                                 N, W & S entrances, steps and ramp


**McClurg Dining Hall                       N & W entrances and steps as indicated

Data / EQB                                            N entrances

Carnegie Hall / Cleveland Annex    E & W entrances and steps

Guerry Hall                                           E & W entrances and steps

Alumni House                                      N entry, steps, ramp & narrowed walkway

Woods Lab / Spencer Hall                 All entrances

Snowden Hall                                      N & W entrances and steps as indicated

Dupont Library                                     E & W entrances and steps / ramps

Bishops’ Common                              S, E & W entrances and steps as indicated

St. Luke’s Chapel and Hall                S entry, W & SE entrances and steps

Hoffman Hall                                       S entry

Spanish House                                 W entry, steps and sidewalk

Benedict Hall                                        W entry

Woman’s Center                                 NW entry

Russian House                                 S entry


Sorority House # 2 (Bates)                N & S entries


Sorority House # 3 (Releford)           SW patio and entry






1. PPS Warehouse & PPS front door

2. Fire Hall / Library/Police Department and Ambulance Bay

3. Emerald Hodgson Hill/Health Services/ Ambulance Station on Torian

4. Gailor Hall/Telecomm/McClurg dock

5. Hamilton Hall/Cravens/Tennessee Williams Center

6. Fulford Hall/Rebel's Rest

7. Fowler Center

8. Bishops’ Common

9. Sewanee Inn *only if rooms are occupied

10. Chen Hall lower garage area and upper


Resident dorm lots will be cleared after the storm has stoppedfamily:"Arial","sans-serif"">




·         Plan ahead before you leave home.

·         Check the weather reports and know what to expect.

·         Plan your route ahead of time as best as you can.

·         Know where you are going to park and what entry to use

·         Dress warmly and wear proper shoes for walking in snow and ice.

·         Take your time and avoid walking on areas that look suspect, walk on the grass it might be safer than the sidewalks.


University Ave may be plowed by the County. All cars should be moved ahead of or early in the storm to the student lots available in the back of Benedict and Cravens.


Faculty and Staff parking is available at the Library, Fulford, and Gailor.


Franklin County will address County roads and will work with PPS as their time allows.


Every storm is different; however, PPS will do everything it can to make the campus safe for Students, Faculty, and Staff with the least amount of inconvenience. Crews will be here sometimes through the night working on sidewalks and lots before classes start.  For updated information about conditions on campus call Sewanee Police Department at x1111.  Please call the emergency number only in the event of an emergency.


Please notify the police dispatcher or Grounds Supervisor @ x1453 or x1264 of any regularly used handicap parking spaces or routes taken so that accommodations for clearing can be done.










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