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Who We Are/What We Do


POC:               Michael D. Gardner,  Director Physical Plant Services
Phone:             931-598-1890
E-Mail:            mdgardne@sewanee.edu
Responsible for campus facilities, utilities, grounds, environmental, safety, and rental housing. Manages facilities maintenance, operations, projects, and the campus master plan.   

POC:            Melissa Burnette, Administrative Manager
Phone:          931- 598-1171
E-Mail:         mburnett@sewanee.edu     

Special Projects


Assists the Director of Physical Plant in developing and implementing the Campus Master Plan. Responsible for new construction, major facility renovation, and refurbishment projects. Develops budget estimates for planning and programming of major construction projects. Ensures that the university complies with building and safety construction codes and standards.

Environmental Health and Safety
POC:              Laurie Kianka
Phone:            931-598-1922
E-Mail:           lkianka@sewanee.edu
Responsible for the university environmental and safety program.
Rental Housing
POC:               Melissa Burnette 
Phone:             931-598-1171
Mail:            mburnett@sewanee.edu

POC:                Sarah Gore
Phone:              931-598-1358
E-Mail:             sagore@sewanee.edu
Rental Housing is responsible for providing housing options to new faculty, staff, married undergraduates, and School of Theology graduate students. We currently manage, upgrade, and provide maintenance to 127 units.

Work Order Desk           
POC:               Nickie Peardon, Customer Service Coordinator
Phone:             931-598-1264
E-Mail:            PPS@sewanee.edu

Handles customer requests, status of work requests, questions, and general information. Customer service receives, tracks, processes, and closes over 1,000 Work Orders per month.
 POC:               Stephane Borne
 Phone:             931-598-1591
 E-Mail:            sborne@sewanee.edu

Purchase materials, fuel, equipment, and supplies from commercial vendors. Receive, stock, and issue inventory and consumable items. Manage inventory and submit debit and credit reports to Treasurers Office. Manage Physical Plant Services Computerized Maintenance Management System (TMA). Develop and produce work management reports.
Accounts Payable
POC:               Cindy Greer
Phone:             931-598-1263
E-Mail:            cgreer@sewanee.edu

Receives and processes invoices from vendors. Verify supplies have been received by crosschecking Purchase Orders and Invoices prior to forwarding invoices to Treasures Office for final payment. Ensure purchases are charged to appropriate Banner account. Coordinate and obtain appropriate approval and signatures for purchases.
Custodial Services
POC:               Delores Taylor, Custodial Manager
Phone:             931-598-1427
E-Mail:            dtalyor@sewanee.edu
POC:               Wendy Seagroves, Assistant Custodial Manager
Phone:             931-598-3307
E-Mail:            wseagrov@sewanee.edu

Provides custodial services for all campus facilities. Custodial Services is organized into TEAMS that are assigned specific academic, dormitories, and administrative facilities. In addition to performing daily custodial services, (cleaning, trash disposal, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting) custodians also periodically strip and wax floor, clean furniture and blinds, and deep clean carpets.  
POC:               Greg Rollins, Trades Manager
Phone:             931-598-3387
E-Mail:            grollins@sewanee.edu

Provides Operations and Maintenance for Electrical, Carpentry, Paint, Fire Alarms, Locksmith, and Access Control Systems. Responsible for emergency response, preventive maintenance, trouble calls, after hours calls, and in-house/contract projects.
Mechanical and Plumbing
POC:               Jeff Mallory, Mechanical Trades Manager
Phone:             931-598-1576
E-Mail:            jmallory@sewanee.edu
Provides Operations and Maintenance support for Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing Systems. Responsible for emergency response, preventive maintenance, trouble calls, after hours calls, and in-house/contract projects.
General Services
POC:              Marty Hawkins, General Services Manager
Phone:            931-598-1849
E-Mail:           mahawkin@sewanee.edu

Provides set-ups for events, deliver, materials, supplies, and equipment, supports office and furniture moves. Manage and executes the university pest control and treatment program.   Manages purchasing, replacement, and maintenance of dormitory and classroom furniture. Operates and maintains the university consolidated storage facility. Provides maintenance and operations support for Physical Plant Services vehicles and equipment.
Grounds Services
POC:               William Shealy, Grounds Manager
Phone:             931-598-1453
E-Mail:            woshealy@sewanee.edu

Maintains campus grounds, athletic fields, lakes, and golf course. Teams with Domain Manager to maintain campus forest and natural resources.

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