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Vacating Tenant Notice

TO:           Tenants Planning to Vacate University Housing
FROM:      Laurie Kianka, Rental Housing Administrator
RE:           Move-out Procedures
I would like to remind you of the following details that will need your attention as you plan your departure from Rental Housing this summer:
All tenants planning to vacate their rental units will need to complete the attached form and return it to the Office of Rental Housing by April 16, 2012. All Rental Agreements end on June 30 of the current fiscal year and you will be expected to vacate your rental unit by that date. Due to extraneous circumstances, tenants may be allowed to remain in their rental units past June 30th. If you have a special need to stay in your rental unit past June 30th, please contact the Director of Rental Housing to further discuss this matter.   Although Rental Agreements do not officially end until June 30th, early departures are typical are quite common. If you choose to depart prior to the June 30th lease termination date, your rent will be prorated.
You will need to contact Duck River Electric (598-5228) and the Sewanee Utility District (598-5611), to inform them of your move out date. At that time, they will change the electricity and water accounts over to the University’s name. These utilities should not be disconnected. If you have gas service through Elk River (967-3642), you will need to call them to close your account and make arrangements for your deposit refund.   If you have cable or Satellite you will need to notify the appropriate vendor to close your account, cut off service and make arrangements for equipment pickup.  Rental Housing does not assume the responsibility of cable or satellite equipment left after a tenant vacates the premises.
 Please leave your house or apartment and yard clean, neat, and ready for the next tenant. A charge will be made for damages beyond normal wear and tear and for any special cleaning of the house or yard. This includes removal of abandoned items or trash in the attic or yard, in basements, or under the floor crawl space. You will also be charged for the cost of removing crayon, magic marker, and sticky patches left from affixing posters and the like to walls and doors. If there are fleas left after your pet is gone, we will have the unit treated (usually two treatments @ $75 ea) and you will be charged for this service.   Those tenants who are responsible for their own lawn care are also expected to remove leaves and brush from their yard and keep their yards mowed properly until their departure date. If there are repairs or improvements that you would recommend for your unit before the next tenant arrives, it would be very helpful to our office if you would take time to note these on the revere side of this form.
When you have vacated your unit, please return your keys to the Office of Rental Housing. If you are leaving after office hours, put the keys in a sealed envelope and SPO them to our office. Include with the keys a note stating your name, your unit number, and your departure date.
After your departure, your unit will be inspected. If the unit is left in satisfactory condition, your security and pet (if applicable) deposits will be credited to your account. Your rent will be prorated based on your departure date. Any remaining rental fees will be refunded. If your keys are returned, your key deposit will also be refunded. Any credit balance which results, will be refunded by the Treasurer’s Office after final or outstanding charges are posted and cleared.
Please advise our office of your forwarding address and phone number prior to your departure. You may also want to inform the Student Accounts Officer, the SPO and or the Post Master of your new address.
Please return the attached notice as soon as possible. You can update the information later if your plans change. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call Rental Housing at x1171.
Rev. 9/11
TO:                        RENTAL HOUSING OFFICE
FROM: _____________________
I plan to vacate unit # _________ on __________________.
This date is (please check one):    _________Tentative
                                                  _________ Firm
Complete if applicable:    I would like to occupy my rental unit past June 30, 2012 for the following reasons:
I would like to make the following suggestions for repairs or improvements to my rental unit:
My forwarding address and phone number (if known):
I will notify the Office of Rental Housing as soon as possible if there is any change in this information:
______________________                             _________
Signature                                                             Date
Please return to the Rental Housing Department
Via SPO or Fax (ext. 1416)

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