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Pet Registration Form

Pet Registration Form
Typical household pets are permitted in most University rental units provided the applicable deposits are paid and the following conditions are met:
1) Tenants must obtain permission to house a pet (indoors or outside the rental unit) by completing a Pet Registration Form and paying applicable pet deposits before acquiring the pet(s) or moving a pet to University housing. A deposit of $200 for each dog, cat or ferret is required. At present, we do not require deposits for household pets other than dog(s) and cat(s). We reserve the right to either limit the total number of pets in a unit or require an additional security deposit for pets other than dogs, cats or ferrets.  Pit bulls are not allowed on the Domain.
2) Pets must be properly cared for and not allowed to become a nuisance. Tenants must abide by the Sewanee Dog Control Policy. (See Attachment)
3) Pet owners are responsible for any damage to the residence or grounds caused by pets. This includes spraying for fleas after the tenant has moved and additional cleaning, if needed.  Deposit will not be refunded until tenant vacates unit.
4) Dogs must be secured (even if they are friendly) while maintenance workers are working in or near their rental units. Loose dogs will be picked up as strays.
Name: _____________________________________________                               Date: __________________
Unit Number: _______________
Please list each of your pets, whether primarily indoor (I) or outdoor (O), and whether or not pet has been spayed or neutered:
            Pet Type (breed)                                   I/O                   Spayed/Neutered?
2) __________________________________________________________________________________________
3) __________________________________________________________________________________________
4) __________________________________________________________________________________________
Completed By: ____________________________________
                                    (Signature of Tenant)
                                                Rental Housing Use Only
Approved By: _____________________________________           Receipt# _________________
Approval Date: _____________                                    Pet Deposit Made:_____________________
                                                                                                            (Date and Amount)
1/01 Revision                                                           

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