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 Is my space able to be heated or cooled anytime I want it?
 The majority of our systems here on campus provide only heating or cooling at any given time. This is as much a design issue as it is an energy conservation issue, and the occupant can expect a reasonable amount of comfort from these systems.
 How do I adjust my space temperature?
  While there are many different controls here on campus, the spaces generally have temperature adjustment control in each space. If you have a t-stat on the wall with a slide underneath it, you
have the ability to adjust your temperature 3 degrees above or below the set point of 73 degrees. Two spaces may share the same t-stat.
You may also have a knob that rotates that also represents degree settings. There are many other types of control too numerous to mention. Please contact us if you need a specific description for your space control.
 Do we do anything on campus to conserve energy?
 Yes. We have various control strategies and scheduling features that allow us to be aggressive with energy conservation while still striving to provide an acceptable comfort level to the building occupants. Please contact us if you are interested in knowing how your building/space energy conservation system operates.

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