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Garbage Policy

1.         Participation is required of all residences, commercial property and other non-residential establishments within the domain of The University of the South.
2.         Residential customers will have a regularly scheduled pick-up once each week. Effective
July 1, 2012, a residential customer will be billed by the University at the rate of $66.00 per quarter.
3.         Commercial and other non-residential establishments will have a regularly scheduled pick-up not less than once each week. Additional weekly pick-ups will be scheduled as may be required for particular establishments in order to maintain the premises in a clean and sanitary condition and to keep the quantity of waste to be collected within reasonable limits. Effective July 1, 2012, commercial and other non-residential customers will be billed by the University a minimum of $45.50 per pick-up, per quarter.
4.         A residence which has for rent an apartment with kitchen facilities will receive a single bill at the commercial rate. A residence which has a physically separated apartment will be billed for each at the residential rate.
If a building contains two or more physically separated and unrelated commercial establishments the leaseholder will be billed for each at the commercial rate.
5.         Residential garbage to be collected under this service will include food waste, cans, bottles, waste paper, newspapers and magazines, which are regularly discarded. Garbage bags or cans should be placed by the side of the road ahead of the time of the scheduled pick-up and empty cans should be removed as soon after the pick-up as possible. At commercial locations, it will also include the accumulations of empty cartons provided they are broken down for compact carriage. The use of heavy-duty plastic garbage bags is recommended but is not required. When garbage bags are not used garbage cans should be of metal or heavy duty plastic, with tight fitting lids. The garbage collectors are not responsible for garbage and trash that is scattered over the ground. Commercial locations are advised to call the contractor to discuss the size and type of container most appropriate for their particular business.
6.         The garbage collection service does not include the removal of quantities of leaves or branches, or of large broken toys or bicycles, or of discarded yard equipment, appliances, bedding, furniture, automobiles or auto parts, etc. 
There is no community curbside brush or leaf pickup. Disposal of vegetation and yard waste over the bluff, on trails, in streams, in drainage ditches, etc., is prohibited.
a.   Leaves: For a fee, Grounds and Forestry Operations of Physical Plant Services (PPS) will pick up leaves piled at the curbside (no brush or brush mixed in) at residential leaseholds on the Domain. This service is available seasonally, November through January. Call PPS for cost of service.
b.   Brush: For a fee, PPS will pick up brush piled at residential leasehold in an accessible location. Call PPS for cost of service.
Removal and disposal of the other items that are not within the garbage collection service will remain the responsibility of the owner.
7.         Whenever a regularly scheduled garbage collection is interrupted by a University holiday, extreme weather conditions, or other emergency, every effort will be made to have the pick-up as soon as possible thereafter, usually the next business day.
8.         Service to a location will be withheld, and charges suspended, only under the following conditions: In the case of a residence if the premises will be unoccupied for three or more consecutive calendar months; in the case of a commercial establishment if the business is to be permanently closed. In either instance a written request suspension of the service and the billing must be submitted in advance to the Office of Rental Housing and Leases.
9.         Customers desiring to arrange for special services such as where cans are not able to be placed by the road, or where large items are to be removed which are not within the items acceptable for the regular collection, should negotiate directly with the contractor. The charges for those services will also be handled directly and not included in the University billing.
10.       The citizens of Sewanee are asked to keep in mind that the maintenance of a community-wide garbage service is essential to a clean and attractive community. The cost of that service must be held to the lowest possible level, and the cooperation of everyone is needed. As one method of holding down costs, the billing of charges is done once every three months instead of monthly for non-employees and payroll deduction for employees who elect this option.
11.       The present contractor for the garbage collection service is Joe B. Long, Jr. whose telephone number is 598-0251 or 924-2555.
12.       The University's representatives for this service are Barbara Schlichting, Superintendent of Leases and Melissa Burnette, Rental Housing Administrator.
Revised 07/12                                                                                                                          
Monday:                      Lake O'Donnell Road, Bob Stewman Road, Bobtown Circle, Sherwood Road & Ball Park Road.
Tuesday:                      University Avenue to E. H. Hospital; Curlicue Rd. and Morgan's Steep Rd.; South Carolina Ave., North Carolina Ave., Oklahoma Ave., Arkansas Ave., Tennessee Avenue, Proctor's Hall Road, Kentucky Ave. to Highway 64. 
            Wednesday:                  Football Field Rd., half of Curlicue Rd., Horse Barn, Woodlands.
            Thursday:                    Georgia Ave., Mississippi Ave., Willie-Six Rd., Faculty Circle, above golf                                                         course. Running Knob Hollow & Green’s View Rd.
            Friday:                         Dormitories & University.
            Garbage should either be enclosed and tied in a plastic bag or placed in cans with well-fitted lids. Dogs can be a problem and care should be taken to prevent dogs from strewing garbage. It shall be the responsibility of the resident to clean up any trash that has become scattered.
            Garbage should be on the side of the road by 7:00 a.m. on the day of the scheduled pick-up. Any problems concerning the garbage pick-up should be directed to the garbage contractor, Joe B. Long at 598-0251 or 924-2555.
            Recycling materials will be picked up on the first and third Fridays of each month. All materials (plastic, paper, and aluminum) must be separated and placed in see-through garbage bags and placed at the end of the driveway before 7 a.m.
            Call Joe B. Long, the Garbage Contractor, at 598-0251 to make arrangements for removing boxes, stoves, refrigerators, etc. He will come to your home and give you a price quotation and the date that the special pick-up will be made. All charges for this service will be handled by Mr. Long.

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