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Satellite Dish Policy

The Federal Communications Commission has adopted the Over-the-Air-Reception-Devices-Rule concerning nongovernmental restrictions on viewers’ ability to receive video programming signals from direct broadcast satellites (“DBS”), multi-channel multipoint distribution (wireless cable) providers (“MMDS”) and television broadcast stations (“TVBS”). The FCC permits an owner of rental property to restrict installation of the above devices in certain circumstances. This policy is adopted in accordance with FCC rules.
Tenants who wish to install a satellite dish on Rental Housing property will be required to fulfill the following requirements:
q       Contact Rental Housing, in writing, regarding the desire to install a satellite dish.
q       Schedule a meeting with Rental Housing to discuss the location of the proposed satellite dish per the installation representative. (Some locations may not receive proper signal reception)
q       Receive approval from Rental Housing if the satellite dish will require installation on University owned property. Should the installation require being mounted to University property, a $75.00 non-refundable charge must be paid prior to installation. The University of the South reserves the right to limit or regulate all installations on University owned property. Tenant shall be responsible for all damages to University property caused by the installation or removal of the satellite dish.
q       Contact “Tennessee One Call System” PRIOR TO ANY DIGGING OR TRENCHING. Tennessee One Call will give you a confirmation number and a 72-hour time frame when the technician will be on site to mark utilities. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU RETAIN THE CONFIRMATION NUMBER, SHOULD THERE BE A DELAY OR QUESTION OF SERVICE. Tennessee One Call does not contact Sewanee Utility District or the University Telecommunications Division. The Sewanee Utility District (598-5611) and the University Telecommunications Division (598-1094 0r 1095) MUST be contacted by the Tenant. Any damage to existing utilities by the Tenant or the Tenant's agent will be the financial responsibility of the Tenant.
q       Tenant Name     ________________________________________________________                            
q       Unit Number___________________________________________________________
q       Tennessee One Call Number______________________________________________
q       Proposed installation date__________________________________________________
I understand and agree to abide by the above requirements.
Tenant Signature____________________________________Date________________________    

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