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Things You Need to Do Upon Arrival

When you arrive in Sewanee, go to your unit and call to check-in at the Rental Housing Office.  You will need to schedule an appointment, lasting approximately 30 minutes to finalize your rental documents. If you arrive during a weekend or late evening, please call ext. 1922 the following business day, to arrange your appointment.
When you arrive, you will receive a 2 copies of a Condition Report for the unit you have been assigned. You will need to review the information concerning this unit carefully during your move in process. If you find additional comments need to be added to this report, please note them, using a different color ink is helpful in the appropriate section (s). Either mail or bring your amended Condition Report to the Housing Office within five (5) days after your arrivalIf we do not receive this copy back within the time allowed, it will be assumed that you agree with our assessment of the condition of this unit. The Condition Report on file will be used to determine the charge for cleaning or repairs beyond normal wear when you vacate the unit.
Rental Housing has made temporary arrangements for utility services to be functioning upon your arrival. Water, electricity, and natural gas service will be in service at the unit when you arrive. PLEASE NOTE that service will be discontinued the fifth business day after your arrival. To avoid an interruption of service, you will need to go to or contact each office, complete an application form and pay the required fee.
  1. Duck River Electric Membership Corporation (DREMC) (598-5228) is located on University Avenue in Sewanee. A minimum deposit of $200.00 is required and an additional $10.00 service charge will appear on your first month’s bill. You may also submit $5 for a credit check that may waive your deposit charges. Please see the company representative for further details.
2.   Sewanee Utility District (SUD: Sewanee’s water utility company) is located on Sherwood Road. A $30.00 non-refundable connection fee is required, and you will be asked to sign a contract. You may contact them for information or instructions regarding their location @ (598-5611)
  1. If your unit is served by natural gas (your Unit Information Sheet will have this Information noted), you will need to go to the Elk River Public Utility District (ERPUD) office (967-2110) located on Dinah Shore Boulevard in Winchester. This office is located directly across the street from Long John Silver’s Restaurant. A $50.00 non-refundable fee is required. A deposit of at least $100.00 is required.
  1. You may contact Charter Communication at 866-472-2200 for information pertaining to television cable service and DSL packages.
  2. Satellite service is available in most areas on campus. You may contact Gary’s Satellite @ 931-967-5681 regarding package and service rates for satellite and DSL packages.
Make a point to visit the Telecommunications Office as soon as possible. Their office is located between the University Bookstore and McClurg Dining Hall.
Telecommunications will provide the following services:
  1. You will receive telephone instructions, a phone (if there is not one already in your unit), verify that you are now occupying the unit, and unrestrict your line.
  1. Telecommunications will also provide you with your necessary identification card. This card will allow you to gain access into the Fowler Center, allow you to check out movies or books from the Dupont Library, and utilize the McClurg dining facilities. You family members may also have their identification cards made at the same time.
Telephone service for University rentals is provided through the University phone system. The cost of basic monthly service, which includes voicemail, is included in your monthly rent. One telephone set is provided for each unit and tenants may use their own standard telephone sets for additional extensions within the unit. The office of Telecommunications will bill long distance calls, presently charging .08/minute, to the tenants on their University account. Additional phone lines added to the unit will be charged a non refundable $50 activation/ installation fee as well as an $18 monthly service fee for each line.
PLEASE NOTE: If a phone is already in your unit you will be able to make local calls. However, you will NOT be able to place a long distance calls (other than using a calling card or an 800 number) until you visit the Telecommunications Office.
Rental Housing tenants are asked to be good stewards of their units and surroundings. As such, residents are responsible for reporting maintenance and repair needs. Small problems left unattended can result in more costly repairs or utility charges months later. Repair problems that are caused by negligence will be charged to the tenant (i.e., broken windows, torn screens, foreign objects flushed down toilets and drains, etc.)
All requests for maintenance and repairs should be called into the Housing Office at 598-1358 during normal business hours (Mon-Fri, 8 am – 4:00pm) or email  Please provide the following:
a) Your name                                                  
b) Your unit number  
c) Your telephone number
d) Specific problem description                                      
Requests for larger work orders are at the discretion of the director of Housing based on (a) the relative urgency of the problem, (b) budgetary resources available, and (c) priority in a long range capital improvement program.
Maintenance emergencies that arise after hours; please call:  Sewanee Police Department at 598-1111
Electric Heat Pumps
Most units are equipped with high efficiency electric heat pumps that provide central heat and air conditioning. If you are uncertain if your unit is either gas or electric, please refer to Unit Information Sheet that you received with your assignment documents. The following information is intended to assist those of you with electric heat pump units how to maximize the efficiency of your unit:
1.      Keep filters clean. CHANGE the filters monthly (perhaps when the electric bill is received). The filter is located behind the metal grill below the thermostat. Filters may be picked up at no cost to you at the Physical Plant Services warehouse on Georgia Avenue. The size of the filter you need is printed on the outer rim of the filter. You will need this information when you pick up your filters.
2.      Do not close off rooms or sections of the house or apartment, or place furniture in front of the air return grill. The unit is designed to turn over the total volume of air in the unit. Restricting this volume of airflow will damage the system and reduce its operating efficiency. That means your bill will be higher.
3.     Keep doors, windows and storm windows closed and the thermostat set at
            whatever comfort level is chosen. It is cheaper to maintain a temperature than it is to raise or lower a temperature several degrees. This is especially true when heating. In moderate weather, one may wish to turn on the fan to circulate the air. Mold and mildew are often problematic in Sewanee. The heat pump is a very effective de-humidifier if properly used. Opening the house all day (or night) and then closing it up all night (or day) and turning on the air conditioner is not the most efficient way to use the system nor will this control mold problems. Feel free to call the if you have questions about how to get the best performance out of your system.
If you accidentally lock yourself out of your unit, you may borrow a key from the Police Department. Such keys are for emergency access only and must be returned promptly.
The University uses a standard off-white paint for interior walls and trim. Changing paint colors or wallpaper is not permitted. Permanent stickers are not allowed in rooms however, repositional wall decals are permitted. Tenants are allowed to hang wall art as long as it does not interfere with life safety or HVAC controls within the unit.
The University is responsible for control of pests that cause structural damage i.e. termites, carpenter ant, carpenter bee etc. Annual pest control inspections are performed by contractors at no cost to the tenant. The tenant pays for other pest control i.e. spiders, sugar ants, and general flying pests. Should a tenant be interested in additional services, they can be obtained by contacting Tennessee Termite & Pest Control at 423-837-9334, Burl’s Pest Control at 967-4547, or and other licensed pest control company.   
The University cannot provide storage for household goods, even on a temporary basis. Most attics are partially floored and provide very limited storage space for noncombustible items. Care should be taken not to obstruct cross ventilation, compress insulation, or disturb heating and air conditioning equipment and ducts. All items including extra packaging materials are to be removed when a tenant vacates. Tenants should not plan to install either storage sheds or fences at their rental unit without the prior written consent of the Housing Office.
The premises may not be sublet without the written consent of the University. Even though you may be given permission to sublet your unit, YOU remain responsible to the University for the terms of the Rental Agreement. Any violations of this agreement shall be resolved between you and the party subletting the premises.
The University does not permit the installation of wood stoves or the use of kerosene heaters in its rental units. Permission to use portable electric heaters or air conditioners must be obtained in writing from the Housing Office.
Waste disposal participation is required of all residents, commercial property and other non-residential establishments within the domain of The University of the South. Residential customers will have a regularly scheduled pick up once each week. You will be informed of your pick up day during your check in appointment. Effective July 2011, a residential customer will be billed by the University at the rate of $66.00 per quarter.
Curbside recycling and blue bags are available at no charge. During your check in appointment, you will receive a pamphlet regarding the University’s recycling program. Recycling pickups are currently scheduled for the first and third Friday of each month.
You are responsible for keeping trash and garbage picked up and properly disposed. This includes pet debris. In areas where yard care is the responsibility of the tenant, you are also responsible for keeping your yard well groomed, even if you plan to be away for any extended period of time. This includes prompt removal of fallen leaves in the fall.
New faculty, staff and students living in Rental Housing have several options regarding mail delivery;
1.      Each new faculty, staff and student is assigned a Student Post Office (SPO) upon arrival. All interoffice mail, and if you choose, personal mail is delivered to your SPO. If you choose to use this means of delivery, faculty and staff would use your name, 735 University Avenue, Sewanee TN 37383 as your address if you are a seminary student you will use 335 Tennessee Avenue, Sewanee, TN 37383.
2.      You also have a choice to have your personal mail delivered to your unit. If this is your preference, you must contact the Sewanee Postmaster @ 598-5979. You would use your name, 911 address and unit number, Sewanee, TN 37375 as this mailing address. You will still receive internal mail at the SPO
3.      P.O. boxes are available at the Sewanee Post Office, located on University Ave. for a nominal annual charge. Internal mail will still be delivered at the SPO.

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