Sewanee Physics Alumni 1965-1981

1965-1981 1982-1989 1990-2001

Class Year Name Grad School Degree What are they doing now?
1981 Dr. James Yoe Clemson University and Max-Planck Inst. in Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany Ph.D. in Atmospheric Physics An Atmospheric Physicist at NOAA
1981 Everett DeLuca, Jr. Georgia Tech B.M.E. Engineer Manager with the Bachman Co.
1981 Andrew Arbucke asdf asdf asdf
1981 John Grier asdf asdf asdf
1981 Beth Taylor asdf asdf asdf
1981 Edward (Chip) Tefft asdf asdf asdf
1980 Paul Drake asdf asdf asdf
1980 Michael Pittman asdf asdf asdf
1979 Anthony Atchley asdf asdf asdf
1978 Howell Herring, Jr. asdf asdf Technicians Support Manager/IT Professional with the City of Philadelphia
1978 Dr. John Shriner, Jr. Duke University Ph.D. in Physics Faculty Member in Dept. of Physics at TTU
1977 John Roger Ball asdf asdf asdf
1977 William Dortch asdf asdf asdf
1977 Walter Teckemeyer asdf asdf asdf
1977 James Stevadson asdf asdf asdf
1977 Edwards Brent asdf asdf asdf
1977 Dr. Leon Bell III University of Tennessee Doctor of Medicine Diagnostic Radiologist and Partner with Radiology of Huntsville, AL
1977 Charles Albert Little, III Georgia Tech B.S. Electrical Engineering/M.S. in Psychology and M.B.A. Chairman and CEO of Alcott-Venzer Inc.
1974 Roger Farrow asdf asdfasdf asdfasdf
1974 William McGee asdf asdfasdf asdfasdf
1974 Thomas Miller asdf asdfasdf asdfasdf
1974 James Snyder asdf asdfvasdf asdfasdf
1973 Dr. Edward Colvin University of Alabama-Birmingham M.D. Professor of Pediatrics at UAB
1973 John Stewart Georgia Tech B.S. Civil Engineering Partner/Civil Engineer with Gresham, Smith & Partners
1972 Dr. Mike Coffey Oxford University D. Phil in Atmospheric Physics Atmospheric Physicist at National Center of Atmospheric Research
1972 Bratina Ily asdf asdf asdf
1972 Joe Mobley asdf asdf asdf
1972 George Larry Sanders asdf asdf asdf
1972 Glen Hull asdfasdf asdfasdf Research Specialist Engineer with Lockheed-Martin
1971 William Gardiner Champlin asdf asdf asdf
1971 William Terry, Jr. Florida State University Master of Science Information Security Officer at Southwestern Medical Center/Senior Network Analyst/Special Projects Manager UT Southwestern.
1970 Michael Pindzola asdf asdf asdf
1970 Alan Rhodes asdf asdf asdf
1970 Craig Sogard asdf asdf asdf
1970 Dr. Alan Biddle University of Wisconsin Ph.D. in Plasma Physics Base Science Consultant with American Airlines
1969 Dr. James Beene Oxford University Ph.D. Research Physicist and Corporate Fellow at ORNL
1969 Scott Fones Penn State asdf Financial Team Chief with Pennsylvania Dept. of Education
1969 Matthew Henry, Jr. Columbia University Engineering Received Highest Civil Service Rank in the Federal Service/Executive Vice Pres. with Science and Engineering Associates
1969 Richard Wilkens ;lkj ;lkj President of Wilkens Weather Technologies, L.P.
1969 Randolf Marks asdf asdf asdf
1969 Douglas Head asdf asdf asdf
1969 Marshall Boon asdf asdf asdf
1968 Marion Jones asdf asdf asdf
1968 Robert Patterson asdf asdf asdf
1968 George Hopkins II ;lkj ;lkj Electrical Optical Engineer, Senior Staff at Lockheed-Martin Corp.
1967 Edward Bosworth asdf asdf asdf
1966 Heyward Coleman asdf asdf asdf
1966 Preston Watters asdf asdf asdf
1966 Eric Whitesell asdf asdf asdf
1965 Dr. Robert Stanford Georgia Tech and UC Berkeley M.S. and Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering Professor of Economics at University of Alabama
1965 William Bertrand asdf asdf asdf
1965 Alexander Lumpkin asdf asdf asdf
1965 Charles Minch asdf asdf asdf
1965 Charles Wilson asdf asdf asdf
1965 Frank Stubblefield asdf asdf asdf

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