Sewanee Physics Alumni 1982-1989

1965-1981 1982-1989 1990-2001

Class Year Name Grad School Degree What are they doing now?
1989 Dr. Charles Bachmann Georgia Tech M.S. concentration on Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems Writes and Packages Software Products with Systech in Toronto and N.C.
1989 Jon Dunfee Clemson University Master of Science Senior Systems Engineer at Raytheon Systems Company
1989 Dr. Timothy Gfroerer Dartmouth College Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Physics at Davidson College
1989 Leanne Miller Florida International University M.S. in Biology Marine Biologist with the Department of Environmental Protection
1989 James Stone III University of Chicago M.B.A. Principal of Finance/Investments with the Blackstone Group in NYC
1989 Alan Calder asdf asdf asdf
1989 William King asdf asdf asdf
1989 Catherine Lynne Steele asdf asdf asdf
1988 Dr. William Block East Tennessee State University Doctor of Medicine Associate Professor and Chief Maternal/Fetal Medicine, Dept. of OB/GYN
1988 William Bozeman University of South Carolina Med School sdaf asdf
1988 Paul (Trap) Puckette asdf asdf asdf
1988 David Stokes asdf asdf asdf
1987 Dr. Steve Shankle University of Tennessee Doctor of Medicine Anesthesiologist at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, TN
1987 Warren Coleman asdf asdf asdf
1987 John Eyster asdf asdf asdf
1987 Shawn Fears asdf asdf asdf
1987 John Griffiths asdf asdf Enlisted in Navy
1987 Karl Gruber asdf asdf asdf
1987 Terence Harper asdf asdf Enlisted in Navy
1987 Michael Holland asdf asdf asdf
1987 Joanna Martinez asdf asdf asdf
1987 Richard Ward asdf M.S. Physical Therapy asdf
1986 John Patton IV Georgia Tech B.S. in Civil Engineering Project Engineer at Tetra Tech, Foster Wheeler Environmental Corp.
1986 Melissa Bulkley asdf asdfasdf asdfasdf
1985 Cornelia Barrett asdf asdf asdf
1985 Margaret Bradley asdf asdf asdf
1985 William Thomas Costen asdf asdf asdf
1985 David Duke asdf asdf asdf
1985 Howard Jetmundsen Vanderbilt BEE 1987, Georgia Tech MSEE 1994 MdfMSEEMSEE OwnsOOwww.spectrola.comdfwww.spectrowww.spectrola.
1985 John Laureno asdf asdf asdf
1985 Joseph Bryan Sox asdf asdf asdf
1984 James Buck asdfasdf asdfasdf Math Teacher at Lakewood H.S. Colorado
1984 William Kevin Barnett asdf asdf asdf
1984 David Brumgard asdf asdf asdf
1984 Darcy Hunter asdf asdf asdf
1984 John Robert McDonald asdf asdf asdf
1984 Susan Miller asdf asdf asdf
1984 Trey Greer III UNC Chapel Hill M.S. Computer Science Senior Hardware Engineer with Velio Communications
1983 Dr. Jeffrey Bull Duke University Doctor of Philosophy Staff Member at Los Alamos National Laboratory developing Monte-Carlo Radiation Transport Computer Codes
1983 Alan Brown asdf asdf asdf
1982 Timothy Andreae Columbia University/Wharton B.S. Engineering/M.B.A. Vice Pres in Business Development at M.C.A. Solutions
1982 Stephen Hancock Washington University M.S. Mechanical Engineering Senior Technical Specialist with Trane Residential Systems
1982 Michael Ball asdf asdf Recording Technician, Area Manager: The Jesus Film Project
1982 Dawn Adkins asdf asdf asdf
1982 Rae Ann Demoret asdf asdf asdf
1982 Phillip Dortch asdf asdf asdf
1982 Graham Flower asdf asdf asdf

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