Sewanee Physics Alumni Dr-Ma

A-Do Dr-Ma Mc-Z

1980 Drake, Paul      
1985 Duke, David      
1989 Dunfee, Jon Clemson University Master of Science Senior Systems Engineer at Raytheon Systems Company
1993 Dutta-Chowdhury, Saurabh (Tito)      
1992 Edmondson IV, Robert     Structural Engineer with Starzer & Ritchie, Inc.
1992 Evely (Ly), Kimberly Ann      Currently with Rock-Tenn Co. : Alliance Division
1987 Eyster, John      
1974 Farrow, Roger      
1987 Fears, Shawn      
1993 Finch, Carla      
1982 Flower, Graham      
1969 Fones, Scott Penn State   Financial Team Chief with Pennsylvania Dept. of Education
1999 Gallian, Andrew      
1991 Gassenheimer, Lelie Trayte      
1993 Gentry, Cynthia Lipscomb University Master of Education Services Support Manager at Elite Physicians Services
1989 Gfroerer, Dr. Timothy Dartmouth College Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Physics at Davidson College
1991 Gladden III, Dr. Joseph University of Montana and Penn State University Masters at Montana and Ph.D. at Penn State Post Doctoral Fellowship in W.G. Pritchard Lab in Math Department at Penn State
1992 Goodman, Charles      
1984 Greer III, Trey UNC Chapel Hill M.S. Computer Science Senior Hardware Engineer with Velio Communications
1981 Grier, John      
1987 Griffiths, John     Enlisted in Navy
1987 Gruber, Karl      
1991 Gunjikar, Uday      
1982 Hancock, Stephen Washington University M.S. Mechanical Engineering Senior Technical Specialist with Trane Residential Systems
1987 Harper, Terence     Enlisted in Navy
1995 Hawthorne, Katherine      
1969 Head, Douglas      
1969 Henry, Jr., Matthew Columbia University Engineering Received Highest Civil Service Rank in the Federal Service/Executive Vice Pres. with Science and Engineering Associates
1995 Herath, Parakrama      
1978 Herring, Jr., Howell     Technicians Support Manager/IT Professional with the City of Philadelphia
1987 Holland, Michael      
1968 Hopkins II, George     Electrical Optical Engineer, Senior Staff at Lockheed-Martin Corp.
1972 Hull, Glen     Research Specialist Engineer with Lockheed-Martin
1984 Hunter, Darcy      
1972 Ily, Bratina      
1995 Ismail, Uzair      
1996 Israel, Andrew      
1985 Jetmundsen, Howard      
2001 Jones, Melinda      
1968 Jones, Marion      
1989 King, William      
1994 Knapp, Steve     Laser Engineer with Spectra Physics Lasers in Mountain View, CA.
1993 Kunz, Jr., John Georgia Tech B.S.E.E. Works for Texas Instruments MSTD - R&D Engineer
1985 Laureno, John      
2002 List, Nicholas      
1977 Little, III, Charles Albert Georgia Tech B.S. Electrical Engineering/M.S. in Psychology and M.B.A. Chairman and CEO of Alcott-Venzer Inc.
1965 Lumpkin, Alexander      
1992 Ly, Minh      
1969 Marks, Randolf      
1987 Martinez, Joanna      
1999 Mathis, Michael      

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