Sewanee Physics Alumni A-Do

A-Do Dr-Ma Mc-Z

Class Name

Graduate School

Degree What are they doing now?
1982 Adkins, Dawn      
1982 Andreae, Timothy Columbia University/Wharton B.S. Engineering/M.B.A. Vice Pres in Business Development at M.C.A. Solutions
1981 Arbucke, Andrew a a a
1979 Atchley, Anthony      
1989 Bachmann, Dr. Charles Georgia Tech M.S. concentration on Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems Writes and Packages Software Products with Systech in Toronto and N.C.
1977 Ball, John Roger      
1982 Ball, Michael     Recording Technician, Area Manager: The Jesus Film Project
1995 Balogh, Jason      
1993 Dr. Banks, Dr. Carla (Finch) Rice University M.A. and Ph.D. Philosophy Manager in Strategy and Planning Division of Dynegy
1992 Barineau, Mark      
1984 Barnett, William Kevin      
1985 Barrett, Cornelia      
2002 Bassett, Miranda      
1992 Beals, David      
1969 Beene, James Oxford University Ph.D. Research Physicist and Corporate Fellow at ORNL
1977 Bell III, Dr. Leon University of Tennessee Doctor of Medicine Diagnostic Radiologist and Partner with Radiology of Huntsville, AL
1965 Bertrand, William      
1970 Biddle, Dr. Alan University of Wisconsin Ph.D. in Plasma Physics Base Science Consultant with American Airlines
1988 Block, Dr. William East Tennessee State University Doctor of Medicine Associate Professor and Chief Maternal/Fetal Medicine, Dept. of OB/GYN
1969 Boon, Marshall      
1967 Bosworth, Edward      
1996 Bowers, George   Physics Veterinarian- Small animal private practice
1988 Bozeman, William University of South Carolina Med School ...  
2001 Bradbury, David      
1985 Bradley, Margaret      
1983 Brown, Alan      
1984 Brumgard, David      
1984 Buck, James     Math Teacher at Lakewood H.S. Colorado
1986 Bulkley, Melissa      
1983 Bull, Dr. Jeffrey Duke University Doctor of Philosophy Staff Member at Los Alamos National Laboratory developing Monte-Carlo Radiation Transport Computer Codes
1989 Calder, Alan      
1971 Champlin, William Gardiner      
1993 Cobb, John      
1972 Coffey, Dr. Mike Oxford University D. Phil in Atmospheric Physics Atmospheric Physicist at National Center of Atmospheric Research
2001 Coffey, David      
1991 Cole, William (Chance)      
1966 Coleman, Heyward      
1987 Coleman, Warren      
1973 Colvin, Dr. Edward University of Alabama-Birmingham M.D. Professor of Pediatrics at UAB
1998 Comer, Walton      
1985 Costen, William Thomas      
1995 Cribb, Steven      
2001 DeFilippo, Anthony Columbia University Mech. Engineering Works for Accenture in Frankfurt, Germany on IT Projects
1981 DeLuca, Jr., Everett Georgia Tech B.M.E. Engineer Manager with the Bachman Co.
1982 Demoret, Rae Ann ....    
1994 Dobson III, Dr. Trey University of Tennessee Medical School Geophysics- U. of Wyoming M.D. - U. of Tennessee Currently an emergency medical resident at UVA Health Care
1982 Dortch, Phillip  .....  ....  ....
1977 Dortch, William ...... ..... ......

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