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"To make sure we had to run more testes..."

"...the motion was hard to follow because the object pissed too fast..."

"...the string must be parallel in order to make the angel zero..."

"...The motion detector might miss the object. This will affect the tension and Newton."

Lab Report Title: "FORCES II: Newton strikes back"

Lab Report Title: "Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the lab"

"...I found there was evidence of hysteria in the spring..."



Answering the test question: If the mass of the Earth is 6x10^24 kg what is its weight?

1) "...I would place a scale upside down to measure the Earth's weight, but then it would be hard to read the scale..."


2) "... W = mg = 6x10^24 kg * 9.8 m/s^2 = 58.8 x 10^24 N ..."


3) "...6x10^24 N because the Sun attracts the Earth..."


Answering the test question about Newton's third law and the engine being able to pull the train:

"... There is no problem, because Newton's third law is only true for objects at rest or moving at constant velocity..."


"...The air is less dense that the train so it will move out of the train's way..."


"...The train conductor should not quit, he should think about his family..."


Question about elevator moving up at constant speed:

"... It would weight the man's weight plus the force of the elevator minus the coefficient of friction times gravity..."


Question about elevator approaching the tenth floor:

"... The person in the elevator would weight less than the person in the tenth floor because this person is standing on the tenth floor..."


Question (#4 in Test 3) about velocity of the puck after the collision:

"...60 degrees because an object at rest forms a 90 degrees to the resultant angle..."


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