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Submissions Deadline for the 14th Volume: March 15, 2013

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Dear All Undergraduate Students with an interest in Philosophical Writing,
The Senior Editorial board of the Interlocutor would like to invite you to submit essays to the Thirteenth Volume of our Online Undergraduate Philosophy Journal: The Interlocutor

The Interlocutor has been reviewing and publishing undergraduate philosophy papers since May of 1999. The Interlocutor seeks to publish high quality undergraduate essays, and throughout our publication we have published thirty-three exceptional essays. Our name, "Interlocutor," suggests our vision of philosophical inquiry and the related standards we employ in evaluating submissions. We seek to publish essays that defend a specific substantive thesis on the correctness or incorrectness of some significant philosophical view and that show all of the virtues of a successful dialogue: close reading of texts along with clarification of key claims under inspection, entertainment of possible criticisms, and with development of responses to criticisms. Even though we believe that the essays published in earlier volumes mostly satisfy these criteria, on occasion we have decided to publish essays that defend a substantive thesis, but which show rigor, independence of thought, creativity and imagination. In no case have we published essays that simply offer a reading of a philosophical text or a summary of schools of thought. 

Because it is difficult to present general and exhaustive criteria for acceptance and because we understand that it takes time and effort to prepare a manuscript for submission, if you have questions about the appropriateness of your essay for this journal, we encourage you to write us ( with a description of your essay.

Because we will need to format your essay for publication on the web, we ask you to submit it in a form that is the same as the essays published in our most recent volume. Follow the style for headings, title, footnotes, and bibliography. Additionally, we ask that the applicant submit a short abstract briefly describing the topic of the paper, the general thesis, and their overall conclusions. 

Review of articles will be blind. Name of author should occur only on the title page. Those eligible to submit essays include undergraduate students or recent graduates not in graduate school. Although there is no limit to the length of essay that will be considered for publication, there is a presumption that promising essays will not exceed twenty-five pages. Submissions should follow the style established in previously published essays in this journal. Essays must be submitted in electronic form by e-mail to with the heading: “Interlocutor Submissions”. Word processing format requirement: Microsoft Word and PDF format. 

Conditions for Review of Essays: We understand that by submitting an essay to this journal for review, in exchange for the time and effort we put into reviewing your essay, you have agreed to publish it with us exclusively if we accept it for publication. In other words, we accept essays that have been submitted to other undergraduate journals; however, once the essay has been accepted for publication to the Interlocutor, we ask that you retract you submission from any other journals. We will notify you after receiving your submission and will let you know in a timely manner whether we have accepted your essay.

We will begin accepting submissions in Fall semester, but will not review the essays until second semester.  No submissions will be accepted after March 15.

NOTE: Submissions must be accompanied by an e-mail letter, which contains in its body—not as an attachment—the completion of the following form, which we ask you to copy into your e-mail body. You may submit only one essay.

Submissions without this completed form will not be reviewed.  

A.  Full Name__________________________________
B.  Present academic affiliation______________________
C. Undergraduate graduation date___________________
D. Short Academic Biography (150 word limit)____________________________________
E. Short Essay Abstract including title. Title:_______________________________________
     Abstract (150 word limit):__________________________________________________
F. I have formatted my essay to correspond to the journal style sheet (Write "yes" or "no".)__________
G. I have removed my name from the body of the essay. (Write "yes" or "no".)__________
H. I have saved my essay as a Microsoft Word file.(Write "yes" or "no".)__________
I. I have used the Chicago Manual of Style in formatting references and bibliography.
   (Write "yes" or "no".)__________
I have read and agreed to the “Conditions for Review of Essays (above). (Write "yes" or "no".)__________

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