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This page is devoted to help answer the many common questions that arise concerning the Order of Gownsmen.  If you quest for knowledge is not satisfied here, please contact the OG.

1. What do my grades have to be in order for me to become a gownsmen?
Undergraduates earn membership in the Order as seniors (students with 96 or more hours) if their academic average for the previous two semesters at Sewanee or at a study abroad program sanctioned by the University is 3.00; as juniors (students with 64–95 hours) if their academic average for the previous two semesters is 3.20; as sophomores (students with 24–63 hours) if their academic average for the previous two semesters is 3.40.  Freshmen cannot be gownsmen because they do not have two semesters to average.  Also, students can lose their gownsmen status if their two semester average drops below the requirement.  The gown can also be lost for certain disciplinary infractions.  All Seniors who have an average of at least 2.00 automatically become gownsmen when they have passed their comprehensive examinations.  Thus, all students are gownsmen when they graduate.

While this seems straight forward, it is not always.  Study abroad credits, summer school credits, and many other peculiar circumstances can complicate this.  If you think you should be a gownsmen but you are not or if you have any questions, it is best to contact the Registrar's Office.  They have all of the information necessary to explain your gownsmen status.  However, do not be afraid to check.  Mistakes have been made.

2.  I am a senior, and I have passed my comps.  I have heard that means I am a gownsmen and that I can miss the days before and after spring break.  Is this true?
Yes and no.  It is true that all seniors with at least a 2.0 GPA become de facto gownsmen upon passing their comprehensive examinations.  This entitles them to wear the gown and to participate in OG meetings and business.  However, this does not entitle them to other privileges, such as missing no-cut days.

3. If I am a gownsmen, can I present a resolution?
Absolutely.  Please see our page on resolution writing and parliamentary procedure.

4. Why does the OG President carry the University Mace during Convocation and other events?
The privilege of carrying the mace was given the President because the Order is the defender of tradition and the University.  The mace is carried before the Vice Chancellor as a sort of guardian, for the Mace (at least back in the old days) is actually a weapon.  Thus, it is fitting for the President to "guard" the Vice Chancellor, the University, and tradition with this symbol of power and authority.

ŠThe University of the South and the Order of Gownsmen

5. I have heard that gownsmen have many special privileges, like being able to dismiss classes.  Are these true?  And if so, what are the privileges?
There are many privileges of being a gownsmen.  To learn more about this, please see our page on privileges.

6. How can I get involved in the Order?
There are many ways to be involved.  You can attend regular meetings, executive committee meetings, propose resolutions, join or head a committee, etc.

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