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Easter 2007 Standing Rules

The Standing Rules of the Order of Gownsmen for the Easter Semester of 2007

Order of Gownsmen
Easter 2007 Standing Rules

1. The membership in attendance constitutes a quorum.

2. Members of the Order will be notified of resolutions that will be coming to a vote forty-eight hours prior to the meeting at which the vote will occur.

3. For each main motion made before the Order, there will be an official written resolution in the form prescribed by Robert’s Rules of Order.

4. For each original main motion, there will be a limit of twenty minutes for discussion and debate. Each speaker within this twenty-minute period will be limited to one comment, not to exceed two minutes in length. A one-minute time allotment will be granted for rebuttal of previous comments.

5. Gownsmen from the School of Theology, other than the President of the St. Luke's Student Body or his or her designee, are non-voting members of the Order. They may only vote with the consent of a simple majority of all Gownsmen in the College.

6. In matters of procedure not covered within the Student Government Constitution, the Constitution of the Order of Gownsmen, or the Standing Rules, the most current version of Robert's Rules of Order will be the authoritative source for clarification.

7.  There shall be an official review and adoption of the written minutes of the previous general meeting of the Order of Gownsmen, and the written minutes of the previous general meeting be provided to the membership of the Order for review at least 48 hours before the meeting at which they will be adopted.  These written minutes need not be read aloud prior to their approval, although portions may be read aloud at the discretion of the President or Secretary of the Order.  The adoption of the official written minutes will require a simple majority vote of all members of the Order present, and the official written minutes of the final meeting of a session of the Order will be distributed to the membership within a reasonable time period after the meeting and considered adopted after a minimum 72 hour period after distribution, during which time additions and corrections to the minutes can be made electronically by the membership.

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