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OG Committees are formed to help the Order and the Officers with the business of the OG. 
  • Standing Committees are created by resolutions approved by the Order and can exist permanently (or have legislation pending to that effect). 
  • Ad-Hoc Committees are created by the President and are dissolved at the end of semester.
For information about a committee, please contact either the President or the chair of a committee. Current (as of Sept. 2009) Committees are as follows:

Committee on Elections
Paul Dixon - Chair
This committee was created by the Student Constitution.  It is comprised of all proctors and the President of the Order of Gownsmen (who acts as the chair).  The committee is responsible for planning, conducting, and overseeing all elections for the Student Government.

Standing Committee on Gown Financial Aid
Leisha Rayelle Meade- Chair
In response to a generous donation to finance the purchase of gowns for those members who cannot afford them, this committee was created to make decisions as to who would receive this aid.  It can also make decisions on how decisions will be made and any conditions that may be placed on the loan.

Standing Committee on Grievances
Chair to be elected, Advent 2009
This committee was created for the purpose of hearing, investigating, and resolving any conflicts that members of the Order may have with the Order itself or its leadership.  It exists to look into matters of concern and to provide an appropriate venue for grievances.  It has investigative powers and is independent of the OG leadership.  It is also charged with reporting the OG on any of its investigations, and, if appropriate, make recommendations to the OG for certain actions.  Its chairman and membership are elected by the entire OG at the earliest possible meeting.

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