Lease Office

735 University Avenue - Carnegie Hall Room #110
Sewanee, Tennessee 37383-1000

Superintendent of Leases
Barbara Schlichting
(931) 598-1998

fax (931) 598-3336

Assistant to the Superintendent of Leases
Peggy Alsup
(931) 598-1626

fax (931) 598-3336

A signed Property Disclosure must accompany a contract when requesting a transfer of a lease.  Please allow at least three weeks between the time the Lease Committee approves a transfer until the closing.

Lease Committee Meeting Dates:  May 15, June 12, July 17, August 21, September 18, October 16, November 20, and December 18, 2013. Agenda items are due in the lease office one week prior to the meeting. Items received after that day will be placed on the next month's agenda.

Leases for Sale
Links to Important Information Other Links * Please remember that the University must consent to Deeds of Trust that secure mortgages against leasehold property. If you are interested in obtaining a loan against your leasehold, it is important to get the lease office involved early on in the process. Failure to do so can result in a delay in the loan process. Loans also include equity loans, lines of credit, and refinances.

**The University recommends that leaseholders hire contractors who comply with the State of Tennessee’s laws for licensing and insurance.  It is the leaseholder’s responsibility to confirm that a contractor meets the State of Tennessee’s requirements.  The University assumes no responsibility or liability for the work performed on leasehold property. A county building permit is required for structures with roofs (call 931-967-0981 for information).

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