Study and Internship Opportunities

for Sewanee Students in Germany and Austria

(Two semesters, one semester or summer courses)

Updated October, 2001

I. The Federation of German-American Clubs

This prestigious group with chapters in many German cities offers a-yearlong exchange scholarship to a Sewanee student at one of ca. 15 universities. The University of the South has participated in this highly successful program since 1977. The recipients get 10 monthly checks out of which they pay fees, room and board. The check is generally sufficient for these but travel to Germany and within Germany is extra although the Federation provides students with a half-price train ticket for travel within Germany. Also provided are four to five free semi-nars at various places throughout Germany. Highly recommended is a four to eight week language course in early August to late Sept. to prepare for the first term. This would be the students' only major cost. Academic credit at Sewanee is given for courses successfully completed in Germany. Please contact Dr. Davidheiser.

II. The University of Bamberg

The University of Bamberg in Bavaria is Sewanee's official partner university in Germany and provides a popular exchange opportunity for Sewanee students. Students can spend either a full year or the second semester at the University of Bamberg, one of Germany's smallest universities. Bamberg is also one of Germany's oldest and loveliest towns. Students pay whatever tuition they owe to the University of the South minus any financial aid but pay their room and board directly in Bamberg. This program has operated since the mid-1980s. A free three-week language/culture preparation course is offered to Sewanee students who live in Bamberg University dorms. Please see Dr. Zachau.

III. The Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) has three programs in German-speaking countries

A. Berlin - Students have the opportunity to spend a semester or year at the Humboldt Univ. in Berlin.

B. Vienna - Similarly, students can spend a semester or year at the Univ. of Vienna. While some of the courses are taught in German, most of them are in English.

C. Freiburg - Students can study at the Univ. of Freiburg for a semester or a year. There is a second program in Freiburg, The European Union Program, whose courses are in English.

Please see either Dr. Zachau or Dr. Davidheiser. Applications are handled through Dean Jones and the IES office in Chicago.

IV. Other scholarships

1. Cross Scholarship. Several generous scholarships funded by the family of a former German student at the Univ. of the South enables the German Dept. to provide students already on financial aid with additional aid to spend a semester or a summer in a German-speaking country. See Dr. Davidheiser for details.

2. There are other scholarships available, such as the very prestigious German government DAAD scholarship, which is handled through the DAAD New York office. Post-Graduate scholarships include the prestigious Fulbright scholarship, which allows students to continue their studiesin Germany. See Dr. Zachau to develop a researc topic.

V. Internships

Students wishing to spend a summer in Germany can apply for one of two internships:

1. A German steel firm in Georgsmarienhütte, Niedersachsen offers two Sewanee students free room and monthly stipends to work in their personnel, mailing, production and marketing departments. Duration of the internship is six to ten weeks. The company places you with a family and provides you with an advisor who helps familiarize you with the work. This has been well received by the two students have worked there since 1998. See Dr. Davidheiser.

2. The Tonya Foundation offers internships for Sewanee students, which may be used abroad if the students develop a suitable project in economics or public policy. A student who received one of these in the past spent part of the summer in Weimar which was chosen as the European capital of the year to study how the city would rise to meet the many demands placed on its people, facilities and infrastructure as a result of its choice. Such an internship has a stipend of about $2000. Please see Dr. Davidheiser or Dr. Zachau. The applications are handled through the Economics Department.

VI.German Language Courses

1. The University of the South offers its own summer course in connection with the Consortium for German in the Southeast, which is usually held in late June. This is a good way to study German in a relaxed atmosphere and meet students from a variety of other colleges. The cost for the German summer program is $650, which includes room, board and tuition. Please see Dr. Zachau

2. DID: Deutsch in Deutschland Institute has intensive German language course in Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt throughout the year. Thus one can improve one's German skills while living in a major German city. Students reside with families. Students can attend courses of any duration where they will meet other students from all over the world. See Dr. Davidheiser.

3. The Goethe Institute offers the largest selection of summer courses in Germany. They are four-week or eight-week programs in various cities and can be taken throughout the year. Goethe students stay in Goethe Institute dormitories the Institute functions like a small college. Some Goethe Institutes are in big cities, but most are in scenic areas in Germany, such as Rothenburg. Please see Dr. Zachau

4. If you want to study in Austria, ActiLingua provides nice course selctions in Vienna. Please go dirctly to their link ActiLingua.

5. There are many university summer courses in Germany, which is a very good bargain. Some offer topic seminars in addition to the usual language courses (Intermediate and Advanced). These courses are intended to advertise the university to outsiders, "Kurse zum Kennenlernen". Sample courses can be viewed at: University of Kiel German summer course: /aaa/9/intferi.htm University of Marburg German summer course: http://www.uni-marburg. de/sommeruni/2001/deutsch/welcome.html University of Bamberg German summer course: /zuv/auslandsamt/Designs/Ferienkurs/d00015.htm Please see Dr. Zachau for information about these courses

University of Kiel German summer course:

University of Marburg German summer course:

University of Bamberg German summer course:

Please see Dr. Zachau, or Dr. Davidheiser for information about these courses