The exchange program of the Federation of German-American clubs

This prestigious group with chapters in many German cities offers a full, year-long exchange scholarship to one (or possibly two) Sewanee students at one of ca. 15 universities. We have participated in this highly successful since 1978. The recipients get 10 monthly checks out of which they pay fees, room and board. The check is sufficient for these but travel to Germany and within Germany is extra although the Federation provides students with a half-price train ticket for Germany. Also provided are four to five free seminars at various places throughout Germany. We highly recommend a four to eight week language course in late Aug. to late Oct. to prepare for the first term. This would be the students' only major cost (ca. $4000). Academic credit is given for courses completed in Germany.

The Federation sends American students to the following universities in Germany:


City Homepage
 University Homepage


The student can choose three favorite choices out of these cities, but the Federadtion takes the final decision .

An applicant is eligible to apply for a Fulbright Travel Grant (hopefully soon to be found at ). Tuition is free but not registration fees. The amount of the scholarship is normally adequate for room, board, books, and other normal living expenses. Rooms are usually available at a Studentenwohnheim (dormitory) at a low rate. Part-time jobs are not available.

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