APPENDIX B: Employee Information and Training

  1. Information and training concerning the hazards of chemicals in laboratories must be provided for all laboratory employees and students.
  2. Such information and training will be provided when an employee is initially assigned to a laboratory where hazardous chemicals are present and also prior to assignments involving new hazardous chemicals and/or new laboratory work procedures.
  3. Employee Information: Employees shall be informed of:
    1. The content and requirements of the Laboratory Standard.
    2. The content, location and availability of the Chemical Hygiene Plan.
    3. The PEL's, Action Levels, and other recommended exposure limits for hazardous chemicals used in [this Institution's] laboratories.
    4. Signs and symptoms associated with exposures to the hazardous chemicals used in the laboratory.
    5. The location and availability of MSDS's and other reference materials.
  4. Employee training shall include:
    1. The methods and observations that may be used to detect the presence or release of a hazardous chemical.
    2. The hazards associated with the chemicals used in [this Institution's] laboratories.
    3. The measures employees can use to protect themselves from these hazards, including specific procedures such as appropriate work practices, personal protective equipment to be used and emergency procedures.
    4. The University of the South Chemical Hygiene Plan.