Long-term Objectives of CLECE

A recent NSSE report pointed out that it was not clear whether Sewanee students were making connections between service activities and what they learned in class.  The report concluded that attempts by Sewanee to link service experiences to the academic curriculum and offer an element of reflection (an aspect at the core of service learning) would underscore the University's obvious and strong commitment to community service.

To sustain CLECE's mission and that of its parent institution, as well as its commitment to the DuPont and Lilly Foundations for their initial support, we propose the following long-term objectives.

    * establishment of stable and well-funded resources to support CLECE
    * facilitation of departmental and interdepartmental initiatives
    * coordination of events with the Center for Teaching
    * encouragement of community and problem-based faculty-student research
    * expansion of community partnerships
    * collaboration with Outreach programs
    * coordination of service with off-campus work programs
    * provision of a clearinghouse for CLECE's constituents, including faculty, student, and community partners (local, regional and global)
    * facilitation of discussions about new directions in the college curriculum
    * encouragement of pedagogies that distinguish the University

In order to realize these long term objectives and to assure the sustainability and growth of CLECE, the following long-term needs have been identified:
• CLECE Director/ Senior Teaching Fellow position
• 1 Full-Time support staff position
• Community Engagement Course development, release, and support funds