[Student Projects]

Student Projects

·Experiments in Copper and Zinc ·Making a Children's Book
·Pressure and Resist ·Natural Dyes: Where Chemistry Meets History and Art
·Replication of a Skin Tone ·Printmaking with Hard and Soft Grounds
·Patinas on Copper ·Papermaking with Watermarks
·Applying Multiple Layers of Pigemnt to Create a Fresco ·The Effects of Time and Developer Concentration on Black and White Film
·Etching and Aquatint on Handmade Paper ·The Effects of Concentration of Acids/Bases in the Dyeing Process
·Exploring Intaglio: Etching and Aquatint on Copper Plates ·Dale Chihuly's Glassblowing
·Color to Dye For! ·The Colors in One Dye
·Fiber Identification ·Color Properties in Dyeing Needlepoint Wool
·Mike Ware Cyanotypes ·Glassblowing and Glassworking with Color
·Triple P: Homemade Pulp, Paper, and Paint ·Mineral Pigments vs. Earth and Ocher Pigments
·Spectroscopy and Dilutions of Dyes ·The Mystery Behind Sanford McGee's Copper Patinas

John Bordley, 2007.