[Student Projects]

Student Projects

·Copper Patinas and Other Beautiful Things ·"Strokes of Genius": Testing the product of overlapping inks using silkscreen printing
·Microscopic Analysis of Pigments: Pigment Detection ·Exposure Methods on Handmade Paper and Tea Dyes
·Beating Time as a Variable of Dye Absorption ·Japenese Papermaking and Suminagashi
·Weathering Dyed Wool ·Pinhole Photography: Light Conditions and Exposure Time
·Solvent Analysis for Thin Layer Chromatography of Separation of Acid Dyes ·Ancient Egyptian Art: The Relationships Among Binders, Pigments, and Surfaces
·Copper Relief Printmaking…or so we thought ·Which Binder is Best to Create Pastels?
·The Art of Patination ·Printmaking: Combining Scientific Investigation with Artistic Creativity
·Sunprinting: Fabrics & Dilution ·The Effects of Colored Filters on Photography
·Patina Application: Quality as a Function of Both Time and Solution Concentration ·Etching Copper Plates
·The Effect That the Time of Addtion of the Salt Sodium Sulfate Has on Wool Dying ·Alternative Photography: Van Dyke Prints
·Aquatintig: The Effects of Varying Times and Acid Concentrations ·

John Bordley, 2005.