[Paper Making]

Paper Making

· Watercolor Paint and Hand-made Paper

· Suminagashi

· Beating Time and Pigment Retention

· Watermarking

· The Perfect Stationary: A study of the Properties of Different Paper Materials

· The Effects of Different Drying Environments on Frescoes

· Yellow 42 Colored Paper

· Watercolor Marbling with Handmade Paper

· The Effectiveness of Binders

· The Effectiveness of Buffers in Preventing Acid Deterioration in Paper

· Color Theory on Fresco and Paper

· Cyanotype Projects

· Liquid Light Photography on Hand Made Paper

· The Best Color: Testing Binders and Paper on Pigments

· Japanese Papermaking

· Oriental Papermaking

· Sewanee Memories Preserved on Handmade Paper through Cyanotypes and Vandyke prints

· Dye Absorption in Abaca Pulp as a Function of Beating Time

· Creation of an Image

· Mixing Pigments and Binders on Handmade Paper

· Exposure Methods on Handmade Paper and Tea Dyes · Beating Time as a Variable of Dye Absorption
· Japenese Papermaking and Suminagashi · Triple P: Homemade Pulp, Paper, and Paint
· Etching and Aquatint on Handmade Paper · Making a Children's Book
· Papermaking with Watermarks  

John Bordley, 2007.