What is the ATC?

The ATC is an acronym for "Academic Technology Center" which is also lovingly known as the "lab in the basement of the library". The ATC lab is a 24/7 computing facility that contains 25 Macintosh computers running OS X 10.7.4 (including 5 iMac multimedia editing stations) and 25 Dell computers running Windows 7. There are also 2 standard B&W printer/copiers and one color printer. The Writing Center and Student Help Desk are also located in the ATC lab area.

What are the hours for the ATC?

Monday - Friday 7:45 am to 4:45 pm with staff
Monday - Friday 5 pm to 1:00 am with student lab assistants
Saturday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm with student lab assistants
Sunday 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm with student lab assistants

All other hours are un-staffed although the lab is open.

How can I get in to the Academic Technology Center Lab after the Library has closed?

The side entrance to duPont Library (left of the front doors) has a Sewanee Card accessible entrance that you use when the duPont Library is closed.

How do I schedule one of the group-study rooms for use?

Contact Sharon Tomes at x1362 to reserve a time. Rooms are scheduled on a first-come basis.

Can DVDs be played in the group study rooms?

In a word yes, but you must first schedule the room (see last question) and students who need to watch a film for a class will have priority over a student watching a recreational film.

How do I know what classrooms can support my media needs?

You can just go here 'Search Classrooms' and enter in the requirements you need to have met in a classroom. If nothing suits your needs, you can fill a request for additional equipment here 'Request Equipment'.

If my classroom does not have a particular technology built-in, what options are available?

Almost anything you could find in a fully equipped room would be available. Request can be submitted online here 'Request Equipment'.

How do I find open classrooms?  How do I reserve a classroom?

Availability can be checked here: http://atc.sewanee.edu/index.php Reservations can be made here: Reserve a Classroom.

How soon can I reserve a classroom?

As early as you wish.

Are there phones in every classroom?

Yes. Just pick up the phone and dial x1372 for support.

How are media devices controlled in the classroom?

Most rooms are on a Crestron remote control system that controls multiple setups with the selection of one button. If you choose 'DVD' the projector, sound system and DVD player will all be switched on and the necessary settings will be made for you.

Can I plug my laptop in for use in class and if so, what options are available for my laptop in the classroom (projector, data access)?

It depends on the classroom but most will have the same access that the main computer in the room would have.

Are the computer labs setup for specific departments?

Woods Labs 119 & 136 are the only exclusive labs. They are for Computer Science only. Some other labs are primarily set up to be convenient to the departments they are close to but anyone with a sewanee login may use them.

Where can I show videos or DVDs?

You can just go here 'Search Classrooms' and select 'Yes' in the DVD Disc drop-down to get a list of rooms with the capability. Go here to schedule a classroom.

What is a document reader or Elmo?

Document readers are sometimes called DigiCams or Elmos. They are like the old transparency viewers with the advantage of being able to show non-transparent items as well like pages of a book or DVD cases etc...

If my room does not have a document reader, what other ways are there to display my "document" or other thing?

The document or item can be scanned in or you could submit a request for the needed equipment here http://www.sewanee.edu/atc/req_equip.html.

Where are the most available scanners?

There are 5 scanners located on the back row of the ATC lab which are available 24/7. There is also the option to scan on the printers and send as a PDF.

Will students have any problem accessing Blackboard courses?  How will they know where to go and what to do?

All existing students are already in the system. Freshmen are added into the system around a week before classes begin. A handout for students and more can be found here: http://www.sewanee.edu/atc/bb_info.html that explains how a student can log in.

What is the soonest that students will be able to access Blackboard accounts?

Students can log in anytime. The ability to access courses is dependant upon the course being created, being made available, and having the student enrolled.

How and when are classes setup for use with Blackboard?

Usually a week before classes the information for all faculty/students/classes/enrollment is exported from the Banner system, modified for use, and imported into Blackboard. If needed before this time, a request may be sent to David Syler to manually set your course up.

What kinds of support do Freshman have for Blackboard use and where do I send them when they come to me for answers?

A student handout can be found on our Blackboard Help and Information page that will be useful for any first-time Blackboard user. Any problem a student is having regarding Blackboard should be sent to David Syler.

Can I export information, such as a class list, from BlackBoard?

Yes. Class list, grades, and more can be exported.


More coming soon!