Santiago 2015


Roncesvalles • Estella • Burgos • León • Santiago de Compostela

Sewanee Summer In Spain
June 8 - July 26

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This program explores the phenomenon of pilgrimage--and, in particular, the medieval pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela in Spain--as a means of understanding medieval Spanish literature and art.  We spend ten days in Sewanee, two weeks in Madrid and the surrounding area, and three and one-half weeks traversing the north of Spain along the pilgrimage road itself.

 A detailed description of the program

 Program offers credit for two full courses:

·  Spanish 314. Introduction to Medieval Spain and the Road to SantiagoAn introduction to the history, literature, and culture of medieval Spain. Selected texts covering the Spanish medieval canon, monastic culture, and the complex relationships among Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Emphasis on the phenomenon of the pilgrimage road that crosses northern Spain.
Prerequisite: Spanish 203.  (*
Though it is not part of Sewanee Summer in Spain proper, we offer the possibility of fulfilling Spanish 203 in an intensive summer school course in early summer [May 24 - June 7] before the Summer in Spain program begins. 

·  Fine Arts 214. Spanish Art, Western Art, and the Road to SantiagoA multidisciplinary approach to Western, particularly Spanish, Art in connection with the development of the pilgrimage road to Santiago.  Focusing primarily on early Christian and medieval art, we also discuss the persistence of and reaction to medieval ideas in the art of Modern Era.


·  Physical Education 214. Pilgrimage to SantiagoPilgrims who walk 200 of the proposed 240 mile trek will receive one PE credit.

Program participants enjoy:

Close contact and relationship between professors and students. Individual and group tutoring.
Contact with a rich spectrum of Spanish life and society: rural, small town, urban.
A variety of activities: traditional academic courses; family stay; small group language and cultural tutoring by Spanish university students of same age; hiking; travel; bullfights; museums; cuisine; art; music.
Intensive study of Medieval Spain: the Road to Santiago; art history; religion; literature; music; geography; international relations; multiculturalism.
Language study.


Thomas D. Spaccarelli, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin; Professor of Spanish, The University of the South.

Antonio E. Momplet, Ph.D., Complutense University of Madrid; Professor of Medieval Art, Complutense University of Madrid; Visiting Professor of Fine Arts, The University of the South.

Stephen B. Raulston, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley; Professor of Spanish, The University of the South.

Laura Fernández, Ph.D., Complutense University of Madrid; Assistant Professor of Medieval Art, Complutense University of Madrid.


Payment Schedule

With Application:  $500 deposit
Balance, upon acceptance:  $7,500 billed to student account
total cost for program, excluding air fare

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