Sewanee Mediaeval Studies

published by the

Sewanee Mediaeval Colloquium


1.  Occasional Papers, ed. Edward B. King and Jacqueline T. Schaefer, Sewanee, 1982, viii–60, $10


2.  Occasional Papers, ed. Edward B. King, Sewanee, 1985, ix–116, $15


3.  Saint Augustine and His Influence in the Middle Ages, ed. Edward B. King and Jacqueline T. Schaefer, Sewanee, 1988, iv–124, $15


4.  Monks, Nuns, and Friars in Mediaeval Society, ed. Edward B. King, Jacqueline T. Schaefer, and William B. Wadley, Sewanee, 1989, iv–183, $20

     Papers by: Servus Gieben,  Robert Brentano, David Burr, Richard C. Dales, Girard Etzkorn, Penelope D. Johnson, Duane J. Osheim, Susan J. Ridyard, Chrysogonus Waddell, Reinaldo Ayerbe-Chaux, Harman Braet, David Ganz.


5.  Law in Mediaeval Life and Thought, ed. Edward. B. King and Susan J. Ridyard, Sewanee, 1990, $20

     Papers by: James C. Holt, Edward Peters, Ralph V. Turner, Hugh M. Thomas, Charles R. Young, Joseph A. Kicklighter, Katherine Fischer Drew, Carl I. Hammer, S.A.J. Bradley, Joseph Hornsby, Ronald G. Koss, Charles T. Davis, Richard Kay.


6.  Man and Nature in the Middle Ages, ed. Susan J. Ridyard and Robert G. Benson, Sewanee, 1995, $20

     Papers by John V. Fleming, James McEvoy, Frederick H. Russell, Richard C. Dales, Jeremiah Hackett, Richard Newhauser, Paul Edward Dutton, Bruce S. Eastwood, Everett U. Crosby, William Provost, Edward Vasta, Willene B. Clark.           


7.  Minorities and Barbarians in Medieval Life and Thought, ed. Susan J. Ridyard and Robert G. Benson, Sewanee, 1997, $20

     Papers by: R.Barrie Dobson, Marjorie Chibnall, Michael Markowski, Antonio Momplet, Henry Mayr-Harting, Walter Goffart, Jeremy duQuesnay Adams, Thomas Burns, Bernhard Overbeck, Bailey Young, Frederick Paxton, Carol Farr


8.  Earthly Love, Spiritual Love, Love of the Saints, ed. Susan J. Ridyard, 1999, $20

     Papers by: Joan M. Ferrante, Siegfried Wenzel, Stephen A. Allen, Lynda L. Coon, John V. Fleming, Nancy Gauthier, Marc Hudson, June Hall McCash, James C. Nohnrberg, Paul B. Pixton, Martha Rampton, William E. Rogers, Kay Brainerd Slocum, Isolde Thyret.      


9.  Chivalry, Knighthood, and War in the Middle Ages, ed. Susan J. Ridyard, 1999, $20

     Papers by: Marjorie Chibnall, A. C. Spearing, J. F. R. Day, Noel Fallows, John V. Fleming, Edward Donald Kennedy, Meradith T. McMunn, R. Barton Palmer, William E. Rogers.        

     10.Death, Sickness, and Health in the Middle Ages,ed. Susan J.Ridyard, 2000, $20

     11.Reading and the Book in the Middle Ages, ed. Susan J. Ridyard,2001, $15

     12.Last Things:Apocalypse, Judgement,&Millennium, ed.Susan J. Ridyard, 2002


Essays in Honor of Edward B. King, ed. Robert G. Benson and Eric W. Naylor, Sewanee, 1991, $25

     Papers by: R. W. Southern, Frank Barlow, Christopher Brooke, Henry Chadwick, Richard C. Dales, John V. Fleming, Douglas Gray, V.H.H. Green, O.B. Hardison Jr, Denys Hay, Christopher Holdsworth, George Kane, Gordon Leff, James McEvoy, Barbara Reynolds, D.W. Robertson Jr, Fred C. Robinson, Glynne W.G. Wickham.




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