The University of the South

30-31 March 2012

"After Constantine: Religion and Secular Power in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages"

Peter Brown, Princeton University
Thomas Bisson, Harvard University


Friday, 30 March


8:30 A.M.          Registration begins, McGriff Alumni House
(Light breakfast and printed program available.)


9:30 A.M.–

11:30 A.M.        Sessions 1, 2 AND 3


1.                           Crusade: Precedent, Context, Implications                                        duPont Library, Torian Room


                           Chair:           Christopher MacEvitt, Dartmouth College


                           Paper:           "Irish Monastic Armies: A Reappraisal"

                                                Burnam Reynolds, Asbury University


                           Paper:           "Ecclesiastical Reform, Lay Religiosity, and the First Crusade"

                                                James D. Ryan, CUNY


                           Paper:           "Religious and Secular Authority in the New Kingdom of Jerusalem"

                                                Jay C. Rubenstein, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


                           Comment:     Christopher MacEvitt, Dartmouth College





2.                  Literary Perspectives I                                                                                            Spencer Hall 271


                           Chair:           Brian Gastle, Western Carolina University


                           Paper:           "Church Power in the Lancastrian State: Gower's 'Epistle' to Archbishop Arundel"

                                                Robert F. Yeager, University of West Florida


                           Paper:           "The Donation of Constantine in Piers Plowman"

                                                William E. Rogers, Furman University


                           Paper:           "Beyond Scripture: Pope and Prince in the Wycliffite Glossed Gospels"

                                                Mary Raschko, Mercer University


                           Comment:     Karla Taylor, University of Michigan



  3.                The Sixth and Seventh Centuries: Tensions in East and West                  McGriff Alumni House


                           Chair:           Stefan Hodges-Kluck


                           Paper:           "St Eligius of Noyon between Throne and Reliquary"

                                                Craig H. Caldwell, Samford University


                           Paper:           "'It is not right to give to an earthly king what is offered to the heavenly king': John the Almsgiver and Changing Attitudes to the Wealth of the Church in the Seventh Century"

                                                Christopher J. Bonura, University of Florida


                           Paper:           "Holy Entrepreneur: Agilbert, a Merovingian Bishop between Ireland, England, and France"

                                                Carl I. Hammer, University of Pittsburgh


                           Comment:     Samuel Collins, George Mason University



11:30 A.M.–

12:45 P.M.         LUNCH, Convocation Hall



3:00 P.M.           SESSIONS 4, 5, AND 6                                                                                           Gailor Hall 110


4.                  Sainthood and the Negotiation of Power


                           Chair:           David Dault, Christian Brothers University


                           Paper:           "A Martyr for Milan: Ambrose and the Easter Crisis of 386" 

                                                Collin Garbarino, Houston Baptist University


                           Paper:           "Political Sainthood and the Boundaries of Empire: The Case of the Opusculum de nobili Simone de Monteforti"

                                                Jennifer Jahner, University of Pennsylvania



   Paper:           "Comital Power and the Collective Memory of St Winnoc's Shrine in Early Medieval Flanders"

David Defries, Kansas State University


                           Paper:           "'Glowing with apostolic faith': Margaret of Scotland, Pilgrimage, and the Shrine of St Andrew in the Development of the Medieval Scottish Church"

                                                Lois L. Huneycutt, University of Missouri


                           Comment:     Thomas J. Heffernan, University of Tennessee, Knoxville



5.                  Inventing a Christian History                                                                                   Gailor Hall 132


                           Chair:           Paul A. Holloway, The University of the South, School of Theology


                           Paper:           '"Engraved in indelible characters': The Epigraphic Habits of Eusebius and Constantine"

                                                Sarah Bond, Washington and Lee University


                           Paper:           "'That which is worthy of ecclesiastical history': The Christian State in Christian Histories"

                                                Colin Whiting, University of California, Riverside


                           Paper:           "Eusebius of Emesa: A Bishop and Chronicler of the Post-Constantinian Church"

                                                Joseph J. Reidy, St Louis University


                           Paper:           '"The Portentous Lives (and Deaths) of Emperors: Philostorgius' Vision of Christian History"

                                                Anna Lankina, University of Florida


Comment:     The Rev. Dr Benjamin J. King, The University of the South, School of Theology



6.                           Secular Power in Christian Thought:                                               duPont Library, Torian Room

                     From Augustine to Dante


                     Chair:           Winston Black, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


                           Paper:           "Augustine on the Use of State Coercion in Religion"

                                                Edwin Curley, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


                           Paper:           "A Tale of Two Courtrooms? Theories of Royal and Ecclesiastical Justice in Twelfth-Century England"

                                                Philippa Byrne, Wadham College, Oxford


                           Paper:           "Dante's Faith in Politics: Demarcations of fede in the Commedia"

                                                Dennis O. Looney, University of Pittsburgh


                           Comment:     John V. Fleming, Princeton University


3:00 P.M.           Tea, McGriff Alumni House



3:30 P.M.           FIRST PLENARY SESSION, Gailor Auditorium

                           The Brinley Rhys Lecture/School of Theology Lecture

                           "Constantine, Eusebius, and the Future of Christianity"

                           Peter Brown, Princeton University



6:30 P.M.           SESSIONS 7 AND 8


7.                  Christian Communities: Archaeological Perspectives                                             Gailor Hall 110


                           Chair:           TBA


                           Paper:           "Christian Imperialism and the Colonization of A Jewish Village in Lower Galilee:

                                                The Archaeological Evidence from Khirbet Qana (Cana of Galilee)"

                                                C. Thomas McCollough, Centre College


                           Paper:           "Hydatius, Archaeology, and the Legacy of Roman Spain"

                                                Rebecca A. Devlin, University of Florida


                           Paper:           "After Clovis: What Can Archaeology tell us about the Impact of his Conversion in Sixth-Century Francia?"

                                                Bailey K. Young, Eastern Illinois University


                           Comment:     Christine Delaplace, University of Toulouse



8.                  Later Anglo-Saxon England: Kingship, Church,                                                   Gailor Hall 132

                              and Reform Ideology


                           Chair:           Sara Miller Schulte, Western Michigan University


                           Paper:           "Confrontations between Secular and Sacred 'Masculinities' in Early Latin Hagiography and in Aelfric's Lives of Saints"

                                                Rhonda L. McDaniel, Middle Tennessee State University


                           Paper:           "'With these we must be brief':  Pastoral Care and Catechetical Teaching in

                                                Anglo-Saxon England"

                                                Mark A. Singer, University of Missouri


                           Paper:           "Alfred's Land Management and the Legitimation of his Claim on the Church's Bocland"

                                                Chad Judkins, Purdue University


                           Paper:           "Rebel Angels and the Benedictine Reform: Political and Ecclesiastical Authority in Tenth-Century Winchester"

                                                Jill Fitzgerald, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


                           Comment:     Mary Frances Giandrea, American University



6:30 P.M.           Cocktails and Dinner





7:45 A.M.          Registration continues, McGriff Alumni House
(Light breakfast and printed program available.)



10:00 A.M.        SESSIONS 9, 10 AND 11


9.                  Women, Religion, and Rulership                                                                             Gailor Hall 110


                           Chair:           Laurence Marvin, Berry College


                           Paper:           "Religious Patronage and/as Female Secular Power: Judith of Flanders' Books and Relics"

                                                Mary Dockray-Miller, Lesley University


                           Paper:           "The Ideology of Queenship in the Earliest Coronation Ordines of the Queen"

                                                Grzegorz Pac, University of Notre Dame


                           Paper:           "Salian Women Constructing Authority through the Crowned Virgin Mary"

                                                Nina Verbanaz, University of Missouri


                           Comment:     Heather Tanner, Ohio State University



      10.                Religious Material Culture and Secular Power in Late Antiquity                           Gailor Hall 112


                           Chair:           Aneilya Barnes, Coastal Carolina University


                           Paper:           "Cultural and Material Prestige in Fourth-Century Cappadocia"

                                                Nathan Howard, University of Tennessee – Martin


                           Paper:           "The Roman Catacombs: Material Evidence for a Changing World"

                                                Natalie Hall, University of Arkansas


                           Paper:           "Haec spectacula Christianorum: The Roman Circus in Early Christian Basilicas"

                                                Kim S. Sexton, University of Arkansas


                           Paper:           "Curating Ancestors and Culting Saints: The Role of Women in the Anglo-Saxon                                                    Conversion"

                                                Austin Mason, Boston College


                           Comment:     Robin Margaret Jensen, Vanderbilt University


      11.                Later Medieval Monasteries: Issues of Lordship and Authority                          Spencer Hall 271


                           Chair:           TBA


                           Paper:           "'I am a good attorney for her in this country': Continental Monastic Mother Houses and their English Daughter Houses in the Fourteenth Century"

                                                Katie L.T. Newell, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


                           Paper:           "Monastic Lordship and the Donation of Constantine on the Eve of the English Dissolution"

                                                Christopher Guyol, University of Rochester


                           Paper:           "Thomas de la Mare: A Marvelous Anachronism"

                                                Larry W. Usilton, University of North Carolina, Wilmington


                           Comments:   Larry W. Usilton, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, and TBA



10:00                  Coffee, McGriff Alumni House


10:30 A.M.–

12:30 P.M.         SESSIONS 12 AND 13


12.                Image, Ideology, and Power in Late Antiquity                                                      Spencer Hall 271


                           Chair:           Elizabeth Moodey, Vanderbilt University


                           Paper:           "Imperial Ideology and/or Christian Theology in Fourth-Century Iconography"

                                                Robin Margaret Jensen, Vanderbilt University


                           Paper:           "The Enthroned Jesus and the Miracle-Working Christ: An Assessment of Post-Constantinian Christian Iconography"

                                                Lee M. Jefferson, Centre College


                           Paper:           "The Roman Aristocracy, Battling Bishops, and the Origins of Christian Processions in Late Antique Rome"

                                                Jacob Latham, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


                           Comment:     Brett Whalen, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill



13.                Literary Perspectives II                                                                                             Gailor Hall 110


                           Chair:           Stephanie Batkie, University of Montevallo


                           Paper:           "Nature, Natural Law, and the Secular Power According to the Roman de la Rose"

                                                John V. Fleming, Princteon University


                           Paper:           "Authoritative Conversion: Josephus, Romans, and Authority in the Siege of Jerusalem"

                                                Cord J. Whitaker, University of New Hampshire


                           Paper:           "The Prince and the State in Mesure in Lydgate's Fall of Princes"

                                                Christina Di Gangi, Urbana University


                           Comment:     Robert Edwards, Pennsylvania State University






1:45 P.M.           Lunch, EQB House



3:45 P.M.           SESSIONS 14, 15 AND 16


14.                Bishops and Imperial Authority in Late Antiquity                                                   Gailor Hall 112


                           Chair:           H.A. Drake, University of California, Santa Barbara 


                           Paper:           "Martyr or Misfit: A New Look at John Chrysostom's Career in Constantinople"

                                                Justin Stephens, Metropolitan State College of Denver


                           Paper:           "Exiling Bishops in Late Antiquity: Setting the Pattern"

                                                Eric Fournier, West Chester University of Pennsylvania


                           Paper:           "'Renew your virtue': Miracles, Imperial Intercession, and the Re-Making of Martin of Tours"

                                                Michael Proulx, North Georgia College and State University


                     Comment:     H.A. Drake, University of California, Santa Barbara



      15.                The Carolingian World: Rulership, Authority, Commemoration                        Spencer Hall 271


                           Chair:           Alexander M. Bruce, The University of the South


                           Paper:           "Solomon's Mirror: Carolingian Kings, the Song of Songs and Guided Meditation"

                                                Hannah Matis, University of Notre Dame


                           Paper:           "Commemoration and Image: Depicting Episcopal Authority in the Carolingian Era"

                                                Sigrid Danielson, Grand Valley State University


                           Paper:           "The Legendary Charlemagne and the Gemma Augustea: Saint-Sernin of Toulouse and the Visual Cultivation of the Ideal Proto-Crusader"

                                                Catherine Fernandez, Emory University


                           Comment:     Matthew Gabriele, Virginia Tech


16.                Undergraduate session                                                                                             Gailor Hall 110


                           Chair: TBA


                           Paper:           "Presentation, Perception, and Power: The authority of foreign terminology in the Reeves Tale and the Miller's Tale"

                                                Jacqueline Cordell, University of New Hampshire


                           Paper:           "Be they Pagans or Heretics: On the perceptions of Islam in 'The Song of Roland'"

                                                Matthew Miller, Middle Tennessee State University


                           Paper:           "King, Martyr, and Saint: St. Oswald as Hero of Christianity"

                                                Samuel Stephens, Middle Tennessee State University


                           Paper:           "Young Hero that was God Almighty "The Dream of the Rood" as Polemic Against Arian and Pelegian Heresies"

                                                Alex Taylor, Middle Tennessee State University



4:00 P.M.           Tea, McGriff Alumni House



4:30 P.M.           SECOND PLENARY SESSION, Gailor Auditorium

                           The Edward B. King Lecture

                           "Power and Lordship in the Norman Anonymous"

                           Thomas N. Bisson, Harvard University


5:30 P.M.–         SESSIONS 17 AND 18

6:30 P.M.          


17.                Conflict and Cooperation: Case-Studies from the Italian Peninsula                     Gailor Hall 110


                           Chair:           Louis Haas, Middle Tennessee State University


                           Paper:           "Church-State Relations in Fourteenth-Century Siena"

                                                Bradley Franco, University of Portland


                           Paper:           "Heretics and the Repudiation of Secular Power in Medieval Italy"

                                                Peter Diehl, Western Washington University


                           Comment:     William Caferro, Vanderbilt University



18.                Christian Values and Lay Society                                                                          Spencer Hall 271


                           Chair:           Kelly J. Whitmer, The University of the South


                           Paper:           "Copulating for Christ: Fornication as a Call to Prayer on Romanesque Village Churches"

                                                Holly R. Silvers, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


                           Comment:     Glenn Gunnhouse, Georgia State University


                           Paper:           "'Keep him so he does no harm': Christian Charity and Social Responsibility meet Urban Madness in Late Medieval                                 Germany"

                                                Anne Koenig, Northwestern University


                           Comment:     Kelly J. Whitmer, The University of the South


6:30 P.M.           Cocktails and dinner, EQB House or McGriff Alumni House (location depends on numbers)







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