Past Participle as Adjective

Directions: Complete the following proverbs and sayings with the correct form of the past participle of the given verb. Remember that adjectives agree in number and gender.

  Refranes y dichos:
1. A caballo  (regalar) no le mires el diente.
        (Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.)
2. En boca  (cerrar) no entran moscas. 
       (In a closed mouth no flies enter. Be careful what you say!)
3. Estoy tan  (aburrir) como una ostra. 
       (I'm as bored as an oyster.)
4. Cuando está  (abrir) el cajón, el más honrado es el ladrón. 
      (When the cash box is left open, the honorable person is the thief. Locks are to keep the honest people out!)
5. Entre  (decir) y hecho hay gran trecho. 
     (There is a great distance between said and done.)