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Weather Records

Since 1899 the University of the South Department of Forestry and Geology, Office of Domain Management, and the U.S. Forest Service have kept records of the weather in Sewanee Tennessee.

Over this time a wide array of instruments have been used to measure temperature highs and lows. These include a max/min thermometer, a hydrothermograph, and thermocouples inside solar shielding.

Over the same time period rainfall collection instruments have changed little and the 8" rain gauge is still the standard. A tipping bucket gauge is also in operation, but performs poorly when freezing rain, snow, or intense thunderstorms occur.

The Department of Forestry and Geology and the Office of Forest Management are currently a weather data collection site for the National Weather Service. High and low temperatures as well as rainfall are observed and reported daily. For more information about the weather records, contact the Domain Manager (x1268).

The previous is a graph of Sewanee weather station rainfall data since the year 1957 averaged monthly. The month receiving the least rain is October, with August a close second. The month the most rain is received is March, with December in second.