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The University of the South
Sewanee, TN

2003 Domain Management Plan
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Our Philosophy Statement:

The forested areas of the University of the South are managed to support the mission of the University. Specifically, these areas are managed to provide the following values: educational and research opportunities for students and faculty, recreational opportunities for the University and Sewanee community, a supply of clean water for Sewanee's water system, preservation of biological and cultural resources, and revenue from carefully conducted resource extraction. The Natural Resources Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the University Administration and the Trustees about how best to maintain these values. The decision-making of this committee is guided, but not bound, by the following principles:

    A written plan, environmental impact assessment, and financial analysis should accompany proposals for activities on the Domain (e.g., research projects, resource extraction, development) that may significantly impinge upon the values of the forest.
    Forest management is a complex, and sometimes controversial, process. Therefore, the University is best served by having an inclusive decision-making process that keeps stakeholders informed, and uses the breadth of expertise among faculty, staff and students.

Nate Wilson, Domain Manager
Ken Smith, University Forester

Sarah Sherwood, University Archaeologist