EfM Display Information


 The School of Theology Programs Center in Sewanee, Tennessee has exciting news! The Education for Ministry program has developed a pop-up convention display that you can take with you to conventions, EfM informational meetings, and other gatherings where you promote the program. The display is colorful and free-standing. Coupled with a side table to hold your EfM textbooks, brochures, prospectus, and visitor sign-in sheets, you will have an attractive, portable mechanism to promote the EfM program in almost any setting.

The new display is compact and lightweight. Everything you need comes in the self-contained, six-and-a-half-pound unit The display adjusts to three heights to accommodate your needs. At one-third height, you can place the display on top of a table. You can choose to rest the display on the floor at both the two-thirds and full-height options. You should know a couple of things about assembly. First, gently lift the rod out of the case and set it aside. Note the hole in the outer body of the case. This is where you insert the extension rod when you are ready to assemble. The other piece you should know about is the foot, which acts together with the display case to support the display. Gently turn the foot piece until it rests in the opposite direction of the display body. Once the foot is in place, set the case on a table top or on the floor. To adjust the display to one-third or tabletop height, fold the extension rod to one-third height and insert the rod into the hole in the display case. Gently grasp the screen by the clip at the top of the screen and begin raising the screen until the clip can be inserted downward into the top of the extension rod. To adjust the display to two-thirds height, fold the extension rod so that two sections of the rod fit together, and place the rod in the hole in the display case. Grasping the screen by the clip on top of the screen, gently raise the screen until the clip and the top of the extension rod can be fastened together.

To adjust the display to full height, assemble the extension rod so that all three sections fit securely together. Insert the extension rod into the display case. Grasp the screen and raise it as far as it will go, until the clip at the top of the screen can be inserted firmly into the top of the extension rod. The display stands about six feet tall at full height, so, depending on your height, it might be helpful to recruit someone to help you with full-height assembly.

When you are finished with the display: detach the screen clip from the extension rod; lower the screen completely back into the case; remove the extension rod and fold it into three attached sections. Gently push the extension rod back into the body of the display case. This will require a little left-to-right movement to accomplish. Turn the display foot back to its original position, that is, aligned with the body of the case. Return the display to the shipping box it arrived in, place the shoulder strap in the top of the display box and return it to the Programs Center or send it on to the next user. Be sure to insure the display for $200.

You can reserve a display for your convention, EfM informational meeting, or other gathering by contacting Nikki Hlland toll free at 800/722-1974 or at E-mail address kndavis@sewanee.edu. Nikki will send EfM promotional material for your event in a separate shipment. We hope you enjoy the new display and use it often. Thank you very much for promoting EfM!

Please make sure that the display is shipped out by UPS on the first
working day after you finish using it
. The labels in the envelope inside the
case indicate where it should be shipped. If it does not go back to the shipper,
SEWANEE, TN 37383-0001
, you will have received information about its
destination. Don’t forget that someone else is waiting for it.

After using the display, please let us know how the display worked, what
you might have needed, and what you would like to see changed. Your input
will help others to promote EfM more effectively. And THANK YOU!

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