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Print Making

· Printmaking

· Suminagashi
· Creating Negatives Using a PC · The Effects of Different Drying Environments on Frescoes
· Platinum-Palladium Prints · Toners in Interaction with Filters Using Silver Gelatin Prints
· The Process of Silk Screening · Intaglio Printmaking: The Perfect Print
· "Strokes of Genius": Testing the product of overlapping inks using silkscreen printing · Ancient Egyptian Art: The Relationships Among Binders, Pigments, and Surfaces
· Printmaking: Combining Scientific Investigation with Artistic Creativity · Sunprinting: Fabrics & Dilution
· Etching Copper Plates · Aquatintig: The Effects of Varying Times and Acid Concentrations
· Experiments in Copper and Zinc · Etching and Aquatint on Handmade Paper
· Exploring Intaglio: Etching and Aquatint on Copper Plates · Printmaking with Hard and Soft Grounds



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