· Pinhole Photography · Photography Filters
· Alternative Photography: Van Dyke Prints
· Using X-ray Film in Pinhole Cameras
· The Effects of Varying Light Source, Exposure Time, Chemical Ratio, and Paper Type When Working with Cyanotypes · Liquid Light Photography on Hand Made Paper
· Silver Photography with Pinhole Cameras · Sewanee Memories Preserved on Handmade Paper through Cyanotypes and Vandyke prints
· Gum Bichromate Photography with Various Pigments · Creation of an Image
· Cyanotype Prints · Enlargment of Negatives Using a Digital Process
· Creating Negatives Using a PC · Alternative Photography: Pinhole Cameras
· Platinum-Palladium Prints · Creating Skin Tones
· Toners In Interaction with Filters Using Silver Gelatin Prints · Pinhole Photography
· Gum Bichromate Photography · Gum Bichromate Alternative Photography
· Cyanotype Projects · The Effects of the Concentration of Dektol in Silver Gelatin Photography
· Exposure Methods on Handmade Paper and Tea Dyes · Pinhole Photography: Light Conditions and Exposure Time
· The Effects of Colored Filters on Photography · Alternative Photography: Van Dyke Prints
· Mike Ware Cyanotypes · The Effects of Time and Developer Concentration on Black and White Film

John Bordley, 2007.