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Pigments, Dyes, & Binders

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Last updated 29 January 2001
Carol LeBaron Dye presentation, 2004
Carol LeBaron Dye presentation, 2005
Student Projects  
Laboratory Pigments and Microscopy
Pigments and Micrchemistry
Preparation of Frescoes
2007 Lab 1, Lab 2, Lab 3
Additional resources Pigment reports by students*

* In 1997 and 1998, each student was assigned a pigment for which there was a good amount of information available in books on reserve in the library. Microchemical tests were performed. Optical properties were studied using both student-grade microscopes borrowed from the biology department and a research-grade Olympus BH2 polarizing light microscope (PLM) with a rotating stage that was purchased with money from the ILI grant. Students could make slides of anything they saw through the microscope. The slides could be scanned and incorporated into their projects. Student reports on 15-20 pigments are available.

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John Bordley, 2007.