Pigments, Dyes, & Binders

· The Effects of Plaster Dampness on the Color Quality of Frescoes · Painting with Pigments on Glass
· Watercolor Paint and Hand-made Paper · Different Types of Binders through the History of Art
· Pigment Binders · Creating Skin Tones
· Durability: How Does Paint Fare Against the Elements · Do You Have a Binding Preference?
· Paper Marbling · The Effects of Different Drying Environments on Frescoes
· Maya Art · Watercolor Marbling with Handmade Paper
· Natural Dyes and Mordants · Beating and Drainage Times of Hardwood Esparta, and Abaca Fibers
· Pigments and Lights · Dye Absorption in Candy-A Glasslike Art
· Why Do Frescoes Crack? · Natural versus the Manufactured
· The Effectiveness of Binders · The Best Color: Testing Binders and Paper on Pigments
· Color Theory on Fresco and Paper · Analysis of Dyes by Paper Chromatography
· Blue and Yellow don't make Green??? · Dye Absorption in Abaca Pulp as a Function of Beating Time

· The Effects of Acid Dye on Hand-Felted Wool Samples

· The Effect of Salts in Dyeing Wool

· Mixing Pigments and Binders on Handmade Paper

· Enameling
· Microscopic Analysis of Pigments: Pigment Detection · Exposure Methods on Handmade Paper and Tea Dyes
· Beating Time as a Variable of Dye Absorption · Japenese Papermaking and Suminagashi
· Weathering Dyed Wool · Solvent Analysis for Thin Layer Chromatography of Separation of Acid Dyes
· Ancient Egyptian Art: The Relationships Among Binders, Pigments, and Surfaces · Which Binder is Best to Create Pastels?
· The Art of Patination · Sunprinting: Fabrics & Dilution
· The Effect That the Time of Addtion of the Salt Sodium Sulfate Has on Wool Dying · Pressure and Resist
· Replication of a Skin Tone · Applying Multiple Layers of Pigemnt to Create a Fresco
· Color to Dye For! · Fiber Identification
· Triple P: Homemade Pulp, Paper, and Paint · Spectroscopy and Dilutions of Dyes
· Natural Dyes: Where Chemistry Meets History and Art · The Effects of Concentration of Acids/Bases in the Dyeing Process
· The Colors in One Dye · Color Properties in Dyeing Needlepoint Wool


John Bordley, 2007.