Asian Studies


Home to well over half the world's population, Asia's rich and varied traditions invite study as well as reflection. Sewanee's Asian Studies Program introduces students to Asia as a culturally-rooted but dynamic region. Our courses present the building blocks of these civilizations: Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, family structure, symbolism, language and ethics, as well as the forces of modernization and economic development.

The Asian Studies curriculum challenges students to understand Asia’s cultural traditions and recent changes. We offer both Chinese and Japanese language and literature, as well as related courses on film, popular culture, gender, politics, religion, history, economics, and more. A major in Asian Studies combines study in Asia with courses in Sewanee so that a student may experience Asian culture, learn one of its languages, and explore its arts, history, religions, politics, and economics.

You are welcome to come and learn more about Asia with our faculty. The Asian Studies Program offers a wide variety of courses (and study abroad) for majors who wish to know more about Asia and its people. We invite you to immerse yourself in Asia in Sewanee!

In addition, Asian Studies majors are eligible to live in the East Asia House dorm!!